Monday, January 28, 2008

Two years

I have been blogging for two years now. My children are growing faster than I can type, I put my dog Jackson to sleep and have grown a business. In my 38 years the last 2 have flown by, to the subjects of this blog, my children, two years represents a very large portion of their lives.
The blogging used to be a daily event, now I am lucky if I get by here once a week.
I plan on continuing with the chronicle of The Old Blue House, can't wait to see where it goes.


Monday, January 21, 2008


Tuesday night Merry and David had a great time at ski lessons and both declared that they loved to ski. Which is music to my ears. The only words that sound better are "Yes Daddy.'
The trip to Sunday River was a huge triumph, even Thomas got in on the action, riding up the magic carpet and skiing down between mom's legs. The entire trip down yelling "Look at me Daddy, I skiing FAST!"
David talked me into bringing him up the chair lift. I connected my poles at the handles, put him in between and off we went. Flying down the mountain, we only had one wipe out of consequence, Davids little ski's could not handle the speed and he face planted, I dropped the support poles, spread my legs and avoided the collision. When I stopped, ten feet down the hill, David looked up, blood dripping from his nose and declared, "I am alright Daddy!" I wiped the blood from his upper lip, near tears with joy and pride.
Everyone is looking forward to lessons on Tuesday night and we are going to bring Thomas along for the adventure as well.

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Monday, January 14, 2008


I am nervous, Merry and David got ski lessons for Christmas, when Merry found out, she declared that she does not like skiing because skiing is cold. I am nervous! I want so much for them to like it.
Their first lesson is tomorrow night at the local ski hill, where I learned to ski 35 years ago. This weekend coming up we are off to Sunday River.
Man, I hope they like it.

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Patriots vs. Jaguars,

The Pats are going to come out in the second half and leave the Jaguars behind.
The beating starts now.
Wes Welker reminds me of Troy Brown
What a fake !
The best fake ever!
Brady to Welker back of the endzone TOUCHDOWN PATS 21-14 Brady turns his back to the defense takes a deep breadth Reengages, surveys the situation and FIRES
I have a man crush on Tom Brady
Brueschie hits Garrard in the nuts, missed the tackle but hit him in the nuts. Then he goes deep, Jaguars score a field goal.
Welker drops it. Brady puts in the basket and he drops it Field Goal 31-20 Fucking Rodney 4th and 5 I love Rodney Interception!
4 Minutes left in the 4th
Game over
Great Football Game
Post Game press conference.
Tell me about the fake Tom.
I want an academy award for that play. We tried it in practice, it worked there and in the game.
What did you say to Wes after the drop?
Lawrence Maroney announces the next game is a "speed bump" on the road to our next Super Bowl. To Steve Burton pats Fifth Quarter on CBS affiliate in Boston.
Who folds Scott Zolack's Pocket handkerchief? Fancy.
Brady 26 of 28 best completion percentage ever. 92.9 percent I think.
Randy Moss blocking was exceptional. Play after play blocks great down field. One catch for 14 yards but responsible for at least 75.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Budding Relationship

David has a best friend, the two are nearly inseparable. David and Lexi go to preschool together, one day a week Lexi comes to our house for the afternoon and one day David goes to Lexi's.

One day, after snack, the preschool teacher asked David to throw away his trash, David turned to Lexi and asked her to do it, Lexi did, as the teacher looked on in disbelief.

David was told that he was asked to preform the task, not Lexi, and that when he is asked to do something it should not be delegated, my words, not the teachers.

David looked at the teacher and told her that Lexi wanted to do it, that she liked to do it, and who was he to deny her.

Sounds like marriage material to me.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What dog am I?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fun Among Us

Sat 12/29 morning before the Driscoll family Christmas. Santa will be attending and parents are responsible for filling his sack

Heidi walks into the store alone. Usually, Heidi has three in tow and today is extra nice.
After shopping stress free she approaches the cashier and is accosted.

An effeminate, middle age man holds the position, while he tally's up Heidi's gifts he informs her that when she enters the store, with her high energy kids, all of the store clerks Head For The Hills! Heidi is high maintenance, the staff does not appreciate it, or her business. He is just telling her because he likes to be truthful.

Monday, 12/31 New Years Eve, I get out of work early and head straight to Fun Among Us.
I ask the woman at the desk if the man who was on duty Saturday is present.
He is not, so I ask if she is his boss, she is, her name is Eileen. When I tell her the story she is floored and apologizes. She will call the owner, Elizabeth, and make her aware of Jared's behavior.

That evening Eileen calls the house, apologizes and relates other stories of Jared's poor behavior.

Heidi feels a lot better.

Wednesday 1/2/2008

I returned to Fun Among Us to ask Jared what his intentions were, when he offended my wife.
Jared was not there, turns out he called in sick.
Elizabeth the owner was there and she told me the "Story of Jared" and that he has been at the store, hanging on by a string, for awhile now.
She would fire him today but she does not know how to go about it. She needed the body for the holidays and now he is no longer needed. Elizabeth is afraid that he will sue her.
He has (asbirgers?) disease and has been offending people, not customers, since he started. He works there as a favor to a friend. He is scheduled to be leaving for Florida in a couple of weeks.

Until then Elizabeth plans on reducing the number of hours he works at the store naturally.
Elizabeth gave me a gift certificate, is going to document Jared poor behaviors and work towards his removal from the store.

The owner and her staff did a great job handling me and the situation initiated by her employee. Heidi will continue to shop at Fun Among Us, as long as Jared is not behind the counter. Hopefully she will never see him again. If I see him I hope I don't punch him in the nose.

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