Monday, December 31, 2007

Saturday Night Patriots Game

Giants march down the field 7-0
Pats first set of downs moving the ball effectively. Great catch by Moss, down low fingertips Run screen pass on 3rd and long Go for it on 4th and 2
4 yards to Randy Moss
Pump fake 6:42 in 1st period beauty for first down Working Maroney Ben Watson drop 3rd and 8 pass out the back of the end zone Kick field goal

Good defense 4:12. 3 and 11 dropped ball Giants punt Pats ball on the 50yard line Maroney stuffed
3 and 14
Flag giants 1 st down PATS

Heat to Stallworth
Pats marching
Moss could be hurt 0:17 1st
He is OK
End of 1st quarter Pats marching
Start of 2nd 2nd down on Giants 4 yard line Play action TD Moss Fake to Maroney fade pass to Moss Nice little dance
10-7 Pats
Bad penalty. Excessive celebration?
Giants run kick off back 14-10 before you know Bad Penalty the refs f#ed us!
LAWRENCE for 13 yards
Welker screen, fights for 12 yards

3 and 14. Kevin Faulk for 6
Pats get three
14-13 Bad Guys

Manning wide open big white guy 89
Nice play Bruschi
3 and 7 shutdown pass Rodney Harrison

Maroney 10 yards
Moss 8
Maroney 3, 4
Welker 5
3rd and 1
Evans runs for 1st down
3:55 2nd Q play action looks deep, checks down to Ben Watson 21 yards Good game Pats are loosing but I feel like they are in control of game

3rd and 4
Shotgun to the end zone, Moss is defended Field goal is good

1:53 in half
Manning scrambles and scrambles
Complete 1st down
Giant hurt, O'Haran knee, center

Great catch Armani Tumor
Underneath to Jacobs beats blitz for at least 15
31 seconds left fight
Penalty against Pats. Wilfork tried to stick his finger in Jacobs eye

Giants on pats 14 yrd line
Manning dives for first down
21 seconds left
1st and goal
Pats 2.5 yrd
2nd down
18 seconds left
TD Giants
21-16, Bad Guys, pass to big white guy 89

That sucks!

Half Time

Giants think they won the game. This game is not over yet.

Selling the NFL Network

Patriots receive kickoff
Start at 20
Under center Ben Watson hit hard for 3yds 3rd and 7, shotgun, blitz, whips it, Moss drops it Punt Giants ball on 40 Jacobs running to Pats 40 Harrison misses tackle Pats 20yrd line Run stuffed DEFENSE!
3rd and 9
Plexico Burress
28-16 down two scores
Is doubt creeping in? If I am asking it must be.
Go Pats! Eli does not have the chops to keep this up. I believe he wll fluster.
The Giants are pumped!
1st down Pats Ben Watson to Pats 45
Welker Giants 29
5 more Welker
Welker makes a move Giants 14
Run for nothing
Brady dodges sack
Pass interference against Moss
Giants 1
Thru Vrabel's hands
Illegal formation Pats
Giants six yrd 1st goal
Maroney breaks tackle Touchdown Patriots!
28-23 Giants

Missed tackle on kickoff
Giants ball own 40
Drop of screen pass
3 and 3
Defe F:Jck
SACK!!! Loss of 20 nice
3 and 22 4th down
Punt 37 seconds left in 3rd
Pats get ball on own 17
Faulk for 5
4th Quarter

Maroney for a loss of a bunch
3 and9
Faulk screen for 1st down
Brady skips one to Moss
Brady under pressure
Pass to Watson no yards
3rd and 11
Timeout before delay of game
Big play
4th down high out pass thru Moss's hands Punt

3rd 11 for Giants
Timeout Giants
Big play coming up
4th down
Out pass for 3yrds
Punt 11:41 in 4th

Pats ball own 35
Tipped on line
Play action,Deep and Moss dropped it
Hit him in his hands. Ouch, 3rd and 10, Try it again Moss deep, in stride TOUCHDOWN!!

Go for 2pt conversion
Maroney powers it in

GO PATS! WOO HOO fist pump
23 TD caches for Moss

31-28 Pats
10:57 in 4th

Giants good on kick return
Late hit flag against Pats
15yrds courtesy of Meriwether
Refs are confused reverse call
Giants start on their 25
Holding Giants things are going bad for the Giants Timeout Pats INTERCEPTION!!!
Ellis Hobbs

Pats ball own 48. Out pattern to Stallworth 1st and 10. Giants 36 Brady sacked 2nd and 20 Giants 46 Welker makes a move for 9 3rd and 11 Faulk underneath, runs for 12 1st DOWN. NICE!

Maroney for 5 Giants 20 yard line
2nd and 7
Maroney dumped in the backfield
Micheal Strahan
3rd and 9
1st down Wes Welker inside the 10
Moss inside the 5
5 minutes to play
Maroney powers in for the TOUCHDOWN!!!
Carries two guys in
38-28 Patriots Baby!!!!!

Do net let up boys, do not let up!

Flag against Rodney 15 yrds
3rd and 1 Pass for 6
Pats 35yrdline
Giants are not managing the clock
Time is ticking away

2:00 minute warning
Pats have 10 point lead
Giants threatening to score inside Pats 20yrd line Giants fumble ball out of bounds at 4 yrd line Pass back of end zone 2nd down Pats call timeout Ball at 4yrd line Pass back to almost line of scrimmage Giants timeout Ball on 6yrd line 3rd down DEFENSE!!!
Flag defense
3rd down
Touchdown Giants
One hander Plexico Burress
38-35 Patriots 1:04 left in game

On Side Kick
Vrabel takes it clean
Patriots ball
Taking the knee

A perfect regular season,

What a Great game. Did I doubt for a second I did ask the question but in my heart I knew they were going to win.
That was a terrific football game
The best of the year

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


We are having a PARTY! We rented a hall, hired a DJ, and invited all our friends. If you are in the area Saturday 12/22 and want to dance, drink and be merry shoot me an email and I will fill you in on the details.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Close to a Month

It has been close to a month since my last post and it is not for a lack of experiences. The saddest, hardest week of my extended families intertwined lives happened the week before Thanksgiving. A talented, beautiful, shining star was extinguished on a Brooklyn Street.

My cousin Emily was 24 years young, a graduate of Williams College, she was just getting settled in the big city after a tour of the world. Then she stepped into the street and was hit by a car.

We are a large, devoted family that had not experienced tragedy until now. It was a tough week that will remain with me forever. The importance of taking each day and making the most of it has never been more evident to me. It has also reminded me to let my siblings know that I love them every chance I get, even when I don't like them that much.

Life is fragile, please try not to take it for granted.

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