Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 Million Jobs

I watched the President last night, he is a dynamic and informative person. I appreciate the way that he answers questions with solutions and explanations of his solutions. President Obama lets you know where he stands and why he has chosen to stand there.

President Obama wants the current economic stimulus package to generate 4 million jobs. He wants there to be sustainable growth in emerging industries and he is open to ideas that achieve these goals.

I do not trust Congress to spend 800 billion dollars prudently. Listening to the press conference last night I got the feeling that they lost the first half, 400 billion dollars of the bank bailout and are going to "try" not to lose the next 350 billion dollars. It does not seem possible that our Nation can continue to spend and remain solvent. Remain solvent? We are not and will not be for a very long time.

If our plan is to spend 800 billion dollars, why not give it back to the people and let us lose it. How many tax paying citizens of The United States are there? Google says 130,000,000. I do not have a calculator that can handle this many zero's but when I work it out the old algebra way I think it comes out to around 6 million 150 thousand dollars per tax payer. If we could cap inflation and pump this money into the productive sector of our society do you think that would help? Or open an entirely different can of worms? I am not sure.

800 billion dollars is an exorbitant sum to fund 4 million jobs. That 800 billion dollars could make a significant difference in 130 million lives tomorrow. I am afraid of Government and do not want it involved in the day to day business of its citizens. Our Government grants us privileges and its job is to protect those privileges. The Constitution refers to these privileges as "Rights". When it starts impeding these privileges and running the financial system the end is near.

Things are spinning out of control and I fear that there is not a politician who can stop it. Hang on life is going to get interesting.

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