Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Budding Relationship

David has a best friend, the two are nearly inseparable. David and Lexi go to preschool together, one day a week Lexi comes to our house for the afternoon and one day David goes to Lexi's.

One day, after snack, the preschool teacher asked David to throw away his trash, David turned to Lexi and asked her to do it, Lexi did, as the teacher looked on in disbelief.

David was told that he was asked to preform the task, not Lexi, and that when he is asked to do something it should not be delegated, my words, not the teachers.

David looked at the teacher and told her that Lexi wanted to do it, that she liked to do it, and who was he to deny her.

Sounds like marriage material to me.

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