Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We went camping this weekend, the entire family went to NH and slept in a tent.

Merry and David thought it was great.

Thomas is too small to go camping. The terrain is rough and the distance are long on his little legs. "Up Daddy" was his mantra.

Mom went with the remnants of a stomach bug that spilled all over the inside of the tent Saturday night. Gross!

Thank God for the other couples, especially the organizers, they shopped for and prepared all of the food. They also provided the tent and made the arrangements. Their hard work is what made it bearable.

In all there were nine children ages 5 to 2 having a blast and four couples. I wish as an adult I had a better plan. Turns out there was more to do than stand down by the lake and cast the kiddie pole and reel it in. Caught the same rubber red fish maybe 987 times. Next Year will be better.

We did have some laughs around the campfire and I deepened some knew relationships. I do not believe that I offended anyone and that is good.

Next Year should be fun.

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Now I have a label, thanks Championable.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Where has my motivation gone? This jogging once every six days is not cutting it. The mornings have been tough this last month or so. I do not want to get up. I feel as though I have the touches of a respiratory infection. I blame it on the air conditioner. They grow stuff inside of them and then blow it on you all night.

So I had a brainstorm last night, spray some of the melaleuca oil on the filter. Who knows the stuff is supposed to kill fungus and bacteria, maybe it will help.

Anyway, I woke up this morning at 6:20 and got ready to jog for the first time in a week. The cough and runny nose are still present but only in the morning. I looked at my watch when I was walking out the front door and it read 5:40. Ouch. Maybe I should have put on my glasses before I got out of bed.

Too late to turn back, Maxwell the dog and I headed out for a jog. It is a great way to start the day and I resolve to get out there more than once a week.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

The weather was beautiful and we took advantage. When I go swimming with the kids it takes me right back to an age of innocence and fun. The worries of adulthood rinse off with the first plunge into the brisk water.

Merry is perfecting her "pencil jump" hands pinned to her side, toes pointed, eyes scrunched up. Before take off you wave to the spectators stand at attention and then proceed with the jump. Upon resurfacing one hand should be raised above your head in a fist that exclaims victory.

I am proud to report that she almost has it mastered, along with the butterfly jump and the ballerina jump she is developing a very impressive resume of tricks. It makes me very proud.

My son Thomas wants to and thinks that, he can fly. He jumps off the side of the pool into and under the water. I pull him up to the surface slowly and he smiles and yells, Again, Again, Again! He learned that from his sister. Sometimes I hold him in my arms, we run down the hill and leap into the pool. He likes it almost as much as I do.

David is far more reserved. Saturday he barely got wet,opting instead to watch and assist his Grandfather in digging a trench. Sunday he swam, but he does not enter the pool with the same abandon as his father and siblings. David makes sure his bubble is secure and lowers himself down the stairs with caution. He doggy paddles around in circles for hours happily swimming in a world of his own, only occasionally asking for the world to "look at me!"

The next ten or twelve years are going to be great fun. I love playing with my kids and I think that they like playing with me.

Here is to sunshine and summertime!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Call

So I called my Congressman to find out the deal pertaining to a Lottery deciding which child gets full day and which child get half day. He said as far as the state of Ma is concerned Kindergarten is not even mandatory. Terrific! I asked whom I should call and he directed me to the Super Intendant of schools.

I called Richard Korbs office and his secretary directed me to the Principal of the Doyon school, Dr. Cooper.

I called Dr. Coopers office and spoke with a lovely woman named, I do not remember what, for a half hour or so about my problem. Turns out Heidi had spent a good part of the morning in the woman's office discussing the same topic. They understand that we care.

Here are our options and the answers to some of my questions. It is a lottery, all of the children zoned for Doyon have their names placed in a "hat". There are 30 spots for girls and 33 spots for boys in the full day program. When they reach the quota they number the names that are pulled out, differentiating boys from girls, boy 1, girl 1. There are ratio's that need to be maintained. Merry is the number 1 alternate for girls. One girl moves this summer, decides on private school, or is sold to the gypsies and Merry is in. So she has that going for her.

I asked if I could get a break on my taxes because I am only getting half the service and she related an interesting point that a mother brought up last year. Renters do not pay property taxes, property taxes pay for the schools, therefore renters children should get the short end of the "stick". Why is there a short end of the "stick"?

There is room at the other elementary school in town for Merry to go full day. We will enroll her there, if one of the little girls at Doyon decides to run off and join the circus, Merry is the first alternate and she gets to go to Doyon. If she spends the t year at Winthrop, the other school, she is welcome back to Doyon for first grade or she can stay at Winthrop.

What ever? I do not even remember Kindergarten.

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Public School

Our adventure with the public school system has begun. The summer before you enter kindergarten you find out whether or not you are in the full day program or the half day program. This is a big deal to those involved and the stakes are high. A consistent full day schedule or in inconsistent half day program that meets four times a week, starts at a different time everyday and ends at a different time. Difficult for everyone involved.

The school system determines who gets to go full time and half time by lottery, they draw names out of a hat. Merry's name came up short, she has been placed in the half day program and her mom and dad are not happy!

Merry has been attending pre-school for two years now and is ready for the full time schedule. There are options and we will explore them. I wish I could say I am looking forward to the adventure ahead, wrestling with bureaucracy is kind of like banging your head against the wall.

Knock, knock, knock! Ouch that hurts, did it help? Not sure.

I am not as worried about the dilemma as my wife but I resolve to work hard at getting Merry, my Princess, the education she deserves and needs. She will attend a full time program, now it is just a question of where.

Anybody want to pay tuition for private school? I would if I had the dough.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


From the deck I had a great view of the long sloping lawn, on the lawn played the children. Merry, Marianna, Abbey and a boy named Joe. The children were unaware of the middle aged man on the deck watching their every move.

I watched a power struggle develop and get resolved from my perch on the deck. Merry and Marianna had opposing ideas for Joe and his time and neither was ready to back down. Merry wanted Joe to pretend he was her sister and Marianna wanted Joe to be her husband and Abbey's dad.

Marianna forced her way between Merry and Joe and insisted that he follow her and Abbey down the hill. Merry was left alone for a minute, standing there looking sad. As her father I was moved, I wanted to help, but I also wanted to see how Merry was going to handle it. I kept my mouth shut and continued to watch.

Joe did not look at all comfortable with the situation he was in. A look of relief came over him when he realized Merry was not going to allow these two girls to take him away. Merry ran down the hill after them, there were words I did not hear and then Merry and Joe walked up the hill hand in hand, pretend brother and sister reunited.

Marianna and Abbey followed and fell into line, some sort of pretend family play ensued and I went back to my drink. Later I was joined on the deck by Joe's God Father and as I was telling him the story we heard Joe say to my daughter "come on Merry I want to be alone with you" . This filled me with anxiety and made my friend beam with pride.

The two 5 year olds walked off to the side of the house, sat down on the patio and talked about who knows what. I realized I am no longer in charge or in control of my little girls life, she is out there every day having these same types of interactions and I was simply lucky enough to find myself in a position to observe. I am grateful for it.

Friday, June 08, 2007


The reason for this blogs existence, it's raison d'etre is Google and getting Google to believe the best place on the internet for a mom to find dress up clothes and tutus is the Tutu Boutique.

I have neglected this responsibility and have slacked in the shameless self promotion department. So here I am before the Internet proclaiming the number one Tutu site on the web to be The Tutu Boutique. If you need a gift for a baby girl we have the cutest little ensembles a mom can imagine. How about a pair of ballerina slippers? We got them. Do you have something in mind that you can't find? A special tutu that you have been thinking about. You can make your own!

If you are in the market for a tutu or you are a search engine looking for the place to send people who are looking for a tutu, look no further, The Tutu Boutique is the place.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Screen Saver

When I am in the weeds this photo makes me happy.
Tuckerman's, take me away!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Things Change

While Merry and David were away with Grampy and Maymay, Heidi and I decided that we missed the two little ones very much. We were having a great time focusing on Thomas and Thomas was enjoying being the center of attention.

Merry and David got home before noon yesterday and by the time I arrived home from work the children were no longer missed. Thomas had competition to be the star, David wanted all the toys and Merry was good. Back to normal.

Next time I will be sure to enjoy the time they are away and not waste any energy missing them, I know they will be home soon enough, possibly too soon.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Only Child

Merry and David left town Saturday morning. They went with Grampy and MayMay for an over night in Maine. Turned out to be two overnights but we were unaware of this when they left.

Heidi and I were left with only one child, Thomas was no longer the baby, Thomas became the only child. At two years old next month, Thomas has not had a lot of time in his life where he was the center, this weekend he was the center of my world and I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.

The best part of the time we spent together was in my chair watching baseball. Thomas loves balls, bats, running and throwing he cheers for every pitch and if the batter gets a hit stand back. We sat in my chair Saturday afternoon and watched the Red Sox game and I felt so close to the child nuzzled in my lap sipping his milk that I wanted to cry.

So I leaned down and kissed the top of his head again, for the umpteenth time, and watched Mike Lowell knock the Yankees second basemen on his ass and we cheered.


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Did you see that? I have magic in me. I talked trash about the Yankees and they won because of it. The Sox had 'em on the ropes last night and I fell asleep. I woke up this morning to the news that A-Rod belted a two run homer off of Papelbon. I bet if I had stayed awake The Sox would have won. I never realized I held such power.

The Yankees are still cooked no matter what I say they aren't going anywhere.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Night Night.

Say Goodnight to the Yankees. After this weekend is over nothing is going to save them. The only thing I like better than the Yankees losing is the Red Sox winning.

After the Sox take two out of three, who on the Yankees roster is going to be left standing? I wonder if Roger has a "No Trade" clause. They are going to need a new manager, it was a good run Joe. They are going to need a new G.M. Tough being Georgy's puppet, he decides who you sign and then blames you when it doesn't work out. See you later Mr. Cashman.

It is a new Era, Red Sox fans feeling strong and talking smack that sticks. Still I do find it odd, my fixation with the Yankees, I wish I didn't care, but I do.

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