Monday, January 21, 2008


Tuesday night Merry and David had a great time at ski lessons and both declared that they loved to ski. Which is music to my ears. The only words that sound better are "Yes Daddy.'
The trip to Sunday River was a huge triumph, even Thomas got in on the action, riding up the magic carpet and skiing down between mom's legs. The entire trip down yelling "Look at me Daddy, I skiing FAST!"
David talked me into bringing him up the chair lift. I connected my poles at the handles, put him in between and off we went. Flying down the mountain, we only had one wipe out of consequence, Davids little ski's could not handle the speed and he face planted, I dropped the support poles, spread my legs and avoided the collision. When I stopped, ten feet down the hill, David looked up, blood dripping from his nose and declared, "I am alright Daddy!" I wiped the blood from his upper lip, near tears with joy and pride.
Everyone is looking forward to lessons on Tuesday night and we are going to bring Thomas along for the adventure as well.

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Blogger Steve said...

Awesome. You are smart getting the kids out early to learn to ski. I loved skiing as a kid. We don't have the great places down here that I did growing up. Have fun!

6:28 AM EST  

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