Thursday, October 08, 2009

Taking the Plunge

Peter and Heidi Wonson needed capitol to finance their future. With their third child due, an addition to their home scheduled to begin, and Peter's paycheck as their only source of income, they took the leap. They started a home-based business marketing tutus and dance wear for little girls on the Internet. Here is their story.

Spring, 2005 Peter Wonson is nervous, the next six months promise to be very exiting. In the near future, the plans that have been assembled and laid out over the winter will be executed. Here is the list, June 2 a major knee operation, early July the birth of his third child, and in August an addition on the house to accommodate their new arrival. The Wonson’s home had accumulated a lot of equity in the previous six years and the bank was more than happy to provide the young couple with a generous line of credit to finance the addition. What concerned both Peter and Heidi was how to pay the bank back after they spent the money.

In April, Peter responded to an email promising wealth beyond your dreams, what caught his attention was that Robert Allen and the person who authored Chicken Soup for The Soul sponsored the advertisement. This email promoted a system to buy and sell real estate for profit. Peter bought the course, read the materials and thought to himself that this was something he could do. At the end of the course they offered more information, “just call this number and we will put you on the path to riches”. Needless to say, Peter called the number. This series of events led to a conference call, on this call were Peter, Heidi, and a representative of Prosper Learning, an outfit based in Utah that coaches people on wealth building propositions.

This call went in a direction that Peter did not anticipate. He had prepared Heidi for a call about getting into the real estate business. During the call the Prosper agent brought up the idea of Internet marketing, this subject excited Heidi who was only luke warm to the real estate proposition. Heidi had a background in computers and the Internet and their future took a turn.

With an initial investment of close to eight thousand dollars and the promise that they would put in at least twenty hours week toward their new venture the Wonson’s began their journey. The eight thousand dollars purchased them ten tutorials with a coach, a web site designed to their specifications and hosting of that web site for one year. It also gave them access to the Prosper Learning web site where all sorts of information concerning starting and marketing an Internet business can be found.

Peter and Heidi followed the program, took the steps that their business coach outlined for them and are now the proud owners of the future of this venture is still unknown. It is producing enough income to pay back the loan from which it originated; will it generate enough to pay for the addition on the Wonson’s home? Will it generate enough money to fund college educations? To early to tell, the process did teach Heidi and Peter some valuable lessons. They learned to work together, to follow thru, and that they can determine their own future.

Peter and Heidi agonized over the decision to take the step into the unknown. There are opportunities out there in the world waiting to be discovered. To discover these opportunities there needs to be a leap, a leap of faith.

Peter Wonson graduated from Norwich University in 1992 with a B.A. in History. He is the General Manager of General Environmental Services, Inc. a full service Integrated Pest Management company his father founded in 1979. Peter serves as the Treasurer of the New England Pest Management Association. He and his wife Heidi live in Ipswich, Ma with their three children and two dogs. They are the owners of The Old Blue House, Inc. dba


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter and Heidi,

I ordered a tutu for my daughter the last week of September. I have left two messages via email, and two messages via telephone with no response. The money was taken from my bank account in September, and I've heard NOTHING since - no confirmation, no call back. I'm very disappointed.

12:50 AM EDT  
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