Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Thomas has finally arrived at "Why?" It took him longer to get here than it did his brother and sister, but now that he is here he is taking full advantage.

With Merry, I made up a reason every time she asked "why?" David got an answer 80% of the time. Poor Thomas is not so lucky, I find myself sticking to the facts of the "why" and if I am not in the mood "Because I am your father and I said so" is the response he gets probably 30-40% of the time . He is not easily deterred and as expected the "Why's" continue.

I love the "why's" and I am happy that Thomas has finally arrived. Making up answers really tests a dad's imagination.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Merry starts kindergarten the first week of September and I envision the worst. Merry is a girl who reaches out to others and exposes herself. She puts it on the line allowing complete strangers access and I know that this innocence and trust is ammo for the rotten little kids of this world.

I expect that her vocabulary will be enriched with slurs and hurtful names. New levels of teasing and taunting will be experienced. How does a dad allow his precious princess to be exposed to these things? How can he not?

I do not like the lack of control associated with my daughter heading out into the real world.

I understand that it has to happen and that Meredith will be terrific. I just don't like it. It may be because it will be the first test of me as a parent. How will my child behave when confronted with all of the options presented her. Have I taught her the difference between right and wrong? Am I as important to her as little Tammy? I hope that she chooses good more than bad, and when she chooses bad I hope that it is not to bad.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Summer '07 So Far

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Random Thoughts

Maxwell is slowly learning to walk. The dog goes to physical therapy once a week at $165.00 a trip. When I was attending physical therapy it only cost $75.00, if the kids don't get all the money the dog will. I just hope he doesn't die before I pay off the credit card. He will have to live to 100 and that is like 700 in dog years.

Merry will be attending kindergarten at the Winthrop school. She will get to go full day and it turns out Winthrop school is just fine. I had a feeling it was.

Thomas has been enrolled in the State of Massachusetts early intervention program. Three lovely woman showed up at the house and ran the little devil through some test. He has the vocabulary of an 18 month old. He is 25 months. His motor skills are off the charts and at this tender age he is developing one hell of a curve ball. I know that he should not be throwing a curve until puberty but geeze it has 12 inches of break. What's a Dad to do?

I wouldn't talk either if everybody already knew what I was trying to say. My little brother was the same way growing up. He still can't form a complete sentence and he is 28.

Young David has made the leap from toddler to little boy. He is riding his bike and talking back to his Mom. It is my humble opinion that lots of physiological and psychological growth take place at this point in a child's development.

The woman that showed up for Thomas' early intervention marveled at the spirit and gumption of my three children. They told Heidi it was unusual to have three children with so much personality. Not a shy one in the bunch.

There has been a lot going on at The Old Blue House and I have shown some wear for the work. I have a running list of about 500 hundred things that need to be done and I carry the feeling that if I don't do it nobody will. I can be a bit of a pain in the ass, I realize it but I can't help myself. I am feeling a bit better and I am trying to start conversations with my wife that do not begin with a question concerning things that I need to get done. It is hard though.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I miss blogging, but not enough to really start back up. I have stories, most of which seem to be relating to work, that I have been writing, but not as a blog. My writing has mostly focused on work. How to solve rodent problems, the reason there are bed bugs in the building, how to stop the termites from eating your house. These are the topics I have been writing about. My audience has not been the blogosphere it has been property managers and land lords. More profitable, less opinionated.

My sister in law has been in town with her two daughters for a couple weeks and my mother in law just left. MIL is planning an addition to our home that is proving to be a bit tricky to pull of. She has gone back to Florida and I have just been told I need to move my shed to conform with a decision made by the ZBA 6 years ago so that she can apply for the waivers to build her new place. I do not know how to move my shed. I have until Wednesday to figure it out.

My dog Maxwell got run over in my driveway. He was sleeping in the shade under Heidi's car when sister in law backed up on him. He spent almost a week in the hospital with bruised lungs, cracked ribs and a severely dislocated rear leg that needed surgery. He is healing slowly but surely.

Merry, David, Thomas, Aiden and Addison are having a terrific vacation and everybody but David is behaving. He is rude to his mother and I am not sure how I can solve this dilemma. I am not there, speaking to him after does not seem to help and I am at a loss. Super Nanny or Mary P please help.

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