Monday, January 14, 2008

Patriots vs. Jaguars,

The Pats are going to come out in the second half and leave the Jaguars behind.
The beating starts now.
Wes Welker reminds me of Troy Brown
What a fake !
The best fake ever!
Brady to Welker back of the endzone TOUCHDOWN PATS 21-14 Brady turns his back to the defense takes a deep breadth Reengages, surveys the situation and FIRES
I have a man crush on Tom Brady
Brueschie hits Garrard in the nuts, missed the tackle but hit him in the nuts. Then he goes deep, Jaguars score a field goal.
Welker drops it. Brady puts in the basket and he drops it Field Goal 31-20 Fucking Rodney 4th and 5 I love Rodney Interception!
4 Minutes left in the 4th
Game over
Great Football Game
Post Game press conference.
Tell me about the fake Tom.
I want an academy award for that play. We tried it in practice, it worked there and in the game.
What did you say to Wes after the drop?
Lawrence Maroney announces the next game is a "speed bump" on the road to our next Super Bowl. To Steve Burton pats Fifth Quarter on CBS affiliate in Boston.
Who folds Scott Zolack's Pocket handkerchief? Fancy.
Brady 26 of 28 best completion percentage ever. 92.9 percent I think.
Randy Moss blocking was exceptional. Play after play blocks great down field. One catch for 14 yards but responsible for at least 75.

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