Friday, September 28, 2007


Money, money, money! Money makes the world go around and the lack of it keeps me moving. Three kids and a house cost, there is no way to get around it. Something breaks it should be fixed, then there are lessons and pre-school, it adds up and it adds up quick.
Without the Tutu Boutique we would not be able to keep up. I want to thank my wife for her hard work making the online venture the success it is. The tutus keep us a float, who knew you could use a tutu as a life preserver? I didn't but now I do.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Merry will be performing as a mouse in a regional production of the Nutcracker. Merry is very excited about this opportunity. In a remarkable show of maturity Merry made the right decision. Merry was scheduled to see the Nutcracker in Boston on the same day as the dress rehearsal. Mom suggested maybe she could miss the rehearsal, Merry had none of it, "you can not miss the dress rehearsal Mom!"


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

waste land

The tutu boutique blog has become a lonely place. I very rarely post anymore and I am not exactly sure what has changed. The business is booming, I marvel at the traffic that flows through there, close to 1,000 people a day are looking for tutus, who knew? not me. We have grown over 100% in the last year.
On the home front Merry has settled in very nicely at kindergarten, she really enjoys it. David is at pre-school three days a week. Thomas is home, helping Mom get Merry and David to where they need to be.
The bug business is experiencing a shortage of help that we are feverishly trying to fill. Interviewing souls, holding their future is not fun. I find it very stressful, first I need to hire the right people and second I do not like having to say no, especially when I can tell that they really want the job.
After taking the summer off from jogging I have started back up. I heard Jamie Foxx explain his work out routine as "old school calisthenics"jogging, push ups and sit ups. I am hoping for results. The jogging is a bit easier, I went for my annual check up and got some medicine for the jogging induced asthma, it is working great.

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