Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

The weather was beautiful and we took advantage. When I go swimming with the kids it takes me right back to an age of innocence and fun. The worries of adulthood rinse off with the first plunge into the brisk water.

Merry is perfecting her "pencil jump" hands pinned to her side, toes pointed, eyes scrunched up. Before take off you wave to the spectators stand at attention and then proceed with the jump. Upon resurfacing one hand should be raised above your head in a fist that exclaims victory.

I am proud to report that she almost has it mastered, along with the butterfly jump and the ballerina jump she is developing a very impressive resume of tricks. It makes me very proud.

My son Thomas wants to and thinks that, he can fly. He jumps off the side of the pool into and under the water. I pull him up to the surface slowly and he smiles and yells, Again, Again, Again! He learned that from his sister. Sometimes I hold him in my arms, we run down the hill and leap into the pool. He likes it almost as much as I do.

David is far more reserved. Saturday he barely got wet,opting instead to watch and assist his Grandfather in digging a trench. Sunday he swam, but he does not enter the pool with the same abandon as his father and siblings. David makes sure his bubble is secure and lowers himself down the stairs with caution. He doggy paddles around in circles for hours happily swimming in a world of his own, only occasionally asking for the world to "look at me!"

The next ten or twelve years are going to be great fun. I love playing with my kids and I think that they like playing with me.

Here is to sunshine and summertime!

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Anonymous Wendy said...

Glad you had a great Father's Day Peter!

8:27 PM EDT  

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