Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Call

So I called my Congressman to find out the deal pertaining to a Lottery deciding which child gets full day and which child get half day. He said as far as the state of Ma is concerned Kindergarten is not even mandatory. Terrific! I asked whom I should call and he directed me to the Super Intendant of schools.

I called Richard Korbs office and his secretary directed me to the Principal of the Doyon school, Dr. Cooper.

I called Dr. Coopers office and spoke with a lovely woman named, I do not remember what, for a half hour or so about my problem. Turns out Heidi had spent a good part of the morning in the woman's office discussing the same topic. They understand that we care.

Here are our options and the answers to some of my questions. It is a lottery, all of the children zoned for Doyon have their names placed in a "hat". There are 30 spots for girls and 33 spots for boys in the full day program. When they reach the quota they number the names that are pulled out, differentiating boys from girls, boy 1, girl 1. There are ratio's that need to be maintained. Merry is the number 1 alternate for girls. One girl moves this summer, decides on private school, or is sold to the gypsies and Merry is in. So she has that going for her.

I asked if I could get a break on my taxes because I am only getting half the service and she related an interesting point that a mother brought up last year. Renters do not pay property taxes, property taxes pay for the schools, therefore renters children should get the short end of the "stick". Why is there a short end of the "stick"?

There is room at the other elementary school in town for Merry to go full day. We will enroll her there, if one of the little girls at Doyon decides to run off and join the circus, Merry is the first alternate and she gets to go to Doyon. If she spends the t year at Winthrop, the other school, she is welcome back to Doyon for first grade or she can stay at Winthrop.

What ever? I do not even remember Kindergarten.

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Blogger Steve said...

I went to a different kindergarten than the rest of my elementary school. Look how good I turned out. :)

4:55 PM EDT  
Blogger CroutonBoy said...

let me know who you want me to take out for you....

and happy father's day!

10:31 PM EDT  
Blogger The Father of Five said...

Do not buy into the "renters do not pay taxes".

They pay through their rent. The property owner is not paying the taxes "out of his or her pocket". The tax burdeon for the property is divided up and factored into rent.

School district administration - it's all smoke and mirrors.

Good luck to you - and get used to it. I had a special needs son (19 years old now) - and dealing with the district was a real treat.

Sorry, dont mean to bum you out - just a heads up from one dad to another.

8:53 AM EDT  

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