Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Things Change

While Merry and David were away with Grampy and Maymay, Heidi and I decided that we missed the two little ones very much. We were having a great time focusing on Thomas and Thomas was enjoying being the center of attention.

Merry and David got home before noon yesterday and by the time I arrived home from work the children were no longer missed. Thomas had competition to be the star, David wanted all the toys and Merry was good. Back to normal.

Next time I will be sure to enjoy the time they are away and not waste any energy missing them, I know they will be home soon enough, possibly too soon.

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Anonymous MaryP said...

My kids' grandma once decided to "give me a break" by taking the two older ones for a few days, leaving me with Emma, then 15 months.

It was no break.

Deprived of her constant companions, Emma looked to ME for her amusement. All.Day.Long.

Moral of my story? Take 'em all, or don't bother!!

1:40 PM EDT  

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