Friday, February 17, 2006


When I was in High School I wouldn't touch the stuff. In College, not a chance. Unless I was out of beer and the Girls had some Purple Passions left. Purple Passion may not even be wine but it was as close as I was going to get. I drank beer, and lots of it. I couldn't get enough beer, in college the motto was the cheaper the better. I went for quantity not quality, Natural Light, Milwaukie's Best, Old Milwaukie, Keystone, Keystone Light, these were close, intimate friends.

Things did not change much after college, the flavors changed due to the money in my pocket. I upgraded to Budweiser, Bud Light, The Coors products, I perferred the Lights, not because they have fewer calories, but because I could drink more of them before I filled up. Then I got married and the beer consumption took a big hit. Not immediately but slowely over time, Heidi wheened me off, she did it without me even realizing what she was doing.

The drinking became almost obsolete after Meredith's birth. I maintained the Thirsty Thursday tradition, but certainly without the gusto and enthusiasm. Maybe a couple of Sam Lights and that was it. A few beers on the weekend, nothing to excess, I left "That Guy" at the door when I became a parent.

The birth of my third child, the pandomonium of the two toddlers, the stress of home construction and a new business has given rise to a need. That need is three glasses of wine per night. It soothes the nerves and prepares me for the excercise of bedtime. It washes away the angst of the day and warms my cheeks. Wine, Wine, Wine, Winey, Wine, Wine. Thank you for your rejuvinating powers, thank you for the peace of mind that you facillitate, thank you for being you. In my wildest dreams, I never believed that I would have such affection for wine.

But I do.



Blogger Mr Big Dubya said...

The Prep? The Prep? I'm so sorry for you. Do people give you that, "I'm sorry" look when you tell them you went there? Then again, with the choices you had on the North Shore, it was better than nothing.

Always striving to be the BC High of the North and always...just...missing. Thisclose, but never actually making it.

12:21 PM EST  
Anonymous kailani said...

Like they say, wine improves with age!

3:40 AM EST  
Blogger Mary P. said...

What on earth is Mr Big up there on about? I think he needs a glass of wine to relax his fevered mind.

I'm the reverse. In university and my early twenties, I was a wine snob. When I was in my late twenties, I went to England, and discovered beer. Real beer. Ale, cream ale. Yum.

12:29 PM EST  

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