Monday, February 13, 2006

An Accident

There was an accident last night in Atlanta! A beautiful little girl and her father were burned. The details are still fuzzy, Heidi got a call from her sister this morning, Heidi then called me at work. Something about a sterno and fondu. The Baby and her Dad caught on fire when a sterno exploded on them. This will probably never get posted, but I had to express the sickness that I am feeling.
There is a void, a complete lack of control, a sense of helplessnes and despair. How can I, we help? From the sound of it, the direction of that families life just took a detour no one could have predicted. In a flash their future has changed.
My heart cries for the little girl. The pain she must be experiencing. My heart cries for her Dad, trying to save her, and from what I surmise, he probably did. For Mom, helpless to relieve her daughters pain. My wife, Heidi, is beside herself, she is wrestling with how she can go on while her sister is trapped in a nightmare. Taking Merry to dancing while her niece lies in a hospital bed with second and third degree burns doesn't feel right.
We should probably put Heidi on a plane, get her down there to help her sister. There is family down there, Dads parents and sister all live close by. The accident actually occured during a family dinner. Heidi's mom is in Florida, I am sure she will be available to help. Maybe we should just hang tight. The indecision, is born of helplesness.
It is a day later, the fog is lifting on the events that took place and there are some answers as to Dad and Babies future health. The burns are second degree to the face, head and chest. Dad's hands were burned as well. The information that I have is that although second degree burns are the most painfull, if they are cared for there should not be significant scaring. Thank God.
Heidi still is not sure if she is going to head South. One minute she is ready to go, the next she thinks she will be in the way. Our boy Thomas is five weeks younger than the injured little girl and is still nursing. Bringing him will distract from tending to the family, and leaving him home means, I am not sure. When can kids start drinking whole milk? I say tomorrow.
Wow, Meredith, David, Thomas, the Dogs and Dad, on our own. That is a bit intimidating. Merry and David are easy, I can pawn them off on a grandparent while I am at work. Thomas, that is entirely different proposition. I may have a couple of sick/play days ahead of me. Whatever happens here we can only hope and pray that things go smoothly there.
Please, if you come across this Post, take a moment to say a prayer for a family in Atlanta that is experiencing something horrible.
Heidi gave me the go ahead on putting this up. She has posted some thoughts at her site as well.


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