Monday, February 06, 2006

Grand Parents

My circle of friends has been dwindling over the last four years. The friends probably are still there if I need them, however getting together and spending time with them does not happen. There are lots of reasons, the main one is small children.

Small children have schedules, schedules that rival those of the most powerful CEO's. The main components of these schedules are naps and feedings. There is also bed time. Having to keep their lives consistent amounts to being home by 7:30 or 8:00 at night. These factors do not allow for a lot of time socializing.

There is one group of people that understand when you get up and leave immediately after dinner. They understand when you have to excuse yourself because you need to have a talk with the two year old. They know that you will help pick up after the whirlwind of two toddlers blows thru their house. These people are Grand Parents.

Meredith, David and Thomas are blessed with five great ones. Heidi's father and step mom go above and beyond any of my old school friends. If Heidi has had enough and wants to escape, I get a call that Grampy and Maymay will be over tonight and "You are taking me out to dinner" I love that call. David and Donna also have us to their house for dinner once a week or so and will even take the whole family out to a restaurant. Each time this happens, I vow never to to do it again.

Every Sunday, we have dinner at my Parents house. Marybeth and Peter have a pack of Grand Children. There are seven going on eight grandees. They hosted a Super Bowl Party last night. The guests included, myself, Heidi, Meredith, David and Thomas. It was great. We left in the middle of the second quarter to make it home for B.E.D. They understood and I think were happy to see us go.

Heidi's Mom lives in Florida, she has made time to be with us when we have needed help the most. When a baby is due to be born, Maureen shows up and takes care of the family. She also provides a great place to take a family vacation, and watches the little ones while Mom and Dad go out for a bite to eat.

Without the Grand Parents there would not be much of a social life. Mine would consist of Business meetings and lunches. They are a nice break from the office but do not constitute a social schedule. Heidi's would be visiting with other mom's at the dance class or while dropping Merry off at pre-school.

I feel lucky that our Parents have become our best friends. Sometimes I wonder if this happens to everyone during this time of their life. Or is just Heidi and I?



Blogger Rebecca said...

Hello Peter and Heidi! I think this is great and have enjoyed reading your words. One in this blog did catch me... 7 grandees going on 8??? Care to share who the lucky parents are?
Love, your cousin

2:20 PM EST  

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