Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Tutu Boutique

I don't know alot about Internet Marketing or the Tutu Business but I am learning, and like pest control, we are currently experiencing the February doldrums. Drifting along, without any direction, hoping to catch a nice breeze into profitabillity. It is remarkable how quiet it has been.
Even around the house, there is a bit of cabin fever, with the events taking place in Atlanta, the lack of sales at The Tutu Boutique, and a pack of kids that seem to have been waking up on the wrong side of the bed every morning, I am beginning to realize that it may be time for a vacation.
My frustration stems from an inabillity to get Google to recognize my main keywords. We come up on these scattered nonsense terms, but the bread and butter keywords are still alluding me. Luckily it is quiet here at General Environmental Services, Inc. it gives me a little extra time to research SEO and vent on this blog.I have stumbled upon some fairly interesting information in the past couple of days and I am begining to employ some of the techniques. If Google is responsible for 70% or more of the traffic on the internet and 80% of the visitors to The Tutu Boutique come from MSN or Yahoo then something is very wrong. The positive side of this dilema is that it can only get better. When terms such as tutus, toddler tutus, baby tutus, ballet slippers, and leotards start gaining some traction in Google maybe the February slow down won't be so bad.
We have a page rank of three and it has been stalled there for three months. I am considering dropping some of my links. Like pruning a shrub, keep the ones with the stats and drop the duds. Who knows? One thing I am sure of, I have to up the press release submittals and maybe submit a couple of articles to ezines. The article submission is free, but for the press releases to gain any real traction you have to pay, $30.00. My computer got overhauled and I lost my link to the free ezine submission site.
If you haven't noticed I have laced this post with as many links as I can think of. Not sure what this will accomplish, besides boring the hell out of the seven people that read it. I would also be interested in how to market a blog. I have been linking to some of the directories I find out there and trying to surf round and post on sites that seem relavant. I guess the next step is to be funny enough, and insightful enough that the other bloggers link to me. Hey if you are reading this why don't you link to me? I will reciprocate.


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