Friday, February 03, 2006

Bed Time

" OK Kids, turn off the T.V. it is time for B. E. D. bed." or " OK Kids, turn off the computer, it is time for B. E. D. bed."

These words are spoken every night at The Old Blue House. You can never be sure what will follow. Some nights they march up the stairs, line up to put on their pajamas, hop on the stool to get their teeth brushed, sit down for their story, get in bed, say their prayers and go to sleep.

Most nights, I get, "One more show!" or "One more game!" to which I respond "No" "Get upstairs or I am going to carry you like a suitcase" I turn off the T.V., the crying begins, and I march them up the stairs. Carrying "like a suitcase" is placing the child under my arm, their waist in the crook of my elbow. They don't like it and generally head up the stairs under their own power.

Now that we have made it up the stairs it is time for pajamas. Once I get them naked, they run. I never chase them. I get David's diaper and Merry's pull-up ready. I pick out pairs of pajamas and wait. Usually in Merry's room, they forget I am after them and run through. I grab one dress him or her. The commotion keeps the others attention and I can get the next with out much more trouble.

We have pajamas on, time to brush teeth. "Whose first?" I ask, Merry generally steps up to the sink and I brush her teeth. This keeps David's attention and he generally follows without incident. While I am brushing David's teeth Merry picks out a story. When I am done brushing David's teeth he picks a story as well. We all sit in Merry's room and read the stories.

Before we start there is a negotiation as to how many stories are going to be read. Merry, starts with five. I counter with two and we end up between three and four. When we are done reading the agreed upon the number of stories, Merry and David always plead for one more. On occasion, one more will happen, usually, I remind them of the deal and that it is time for B. E. D. bed.

I put David in his crib, say his prayers. I put Merry in her bed, say her prayers and that is it. The kids, except for Thomas are in their beds. By now it is 8:00 pm and I am spent. The process starts between 7:00 and 7:30 each night and it wears me out. Most nights I don't go back downstairs, I get in my bed watch television for an hour or so and fall asleep.

If you ask Merry or David what B. E. D. spells, they may run or answer "bed".



Blogger kate said...

Do you NEED some knitted tutus? I've seen knitting with tulle before so I suppose it could be done! :)

Your children are so beautiful it has to be a crime.

Also, we are currently in love with pest control professionals due to a little carpenter ant problem (little, ha!).

9:20 AM EST  
Blogger Peter said...

Hi Kate,
The arrangement we have with our suppliers is if we sell it, they ship it. If you had an interesting product or products that fit in on our site, and would be willing to drop ship, then I am sure we could move some of your stuff.

In love with the pest management professional! That is music to my ears.
Carpenter Ants, in January, in Buffalo, NY That is interesting. It happens sometimes, it means that there is proboly a small satellite colony in the house. Not a big deal. Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait works great and is realatively non-toxic to mammals(us)

1:28 PM EST  
Blogger Kailani said...

Once again, great post! Living in your home must be hilarious! I can sympathize with the bed rituals. Sounds like you have to read ALOT of books!

Hey, you should consider hosting the carnival at The Tutu Boutique one week. It's not like you're busy or anything . . . LOL!

4:17 PM EDT  

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