Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Dog Jackson

My Dog Jackson is feeling a lot better. He has made remarkable progress, he is still blind, and he is still anxious but he seems to be feeling more confident.

We brought him to the Vets last Friday, this Dog loves going to the Vets, here is a little insight into his mania, what Dog likes going to the Vets? Jackson does. We spoke with the pro about his blindness, his anxiety and confusion. We brought up putting him down. I think the putting him down conversation got his attention, his ears perked up, his tail started wagging and his entire demeanor took an upswing. I am reminded of the Monty Python movie "The Holy Grail" the guy gets his arms chopped off and continues to bait his opponent. "I am not dead yet."

Well, that night, around ten, Jackson shows up in our bedroom. He has not been upstairs in three or four months, he lies down at the foot of the bed like nothing ever happened. Of course, he can't get his ass back down, which means I get to carry him down in the morning, but that's OKay, it is nice having him back.

He has also started getting to his food without any problem, before the Vet, I would have to carry him, now he heads right in chows down and then works his way over to his spot under Thomas and waits for the shower of cheerios. That is the best part of having two dogs, never having to scoop up rice or cheerios that miss the kids mouths, K-9 vacuum cleaners. I stress out when I go to a house without dogs, the food that flies without the safety net. That is another story.

Needless to say, Jackson has bought himself some more time. He got a prescription for Prozac to help with the anxiety, and some antibiotics for his eyes, and he is much better. Thank Goodness!


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