Tuesday, September 25, 2007

waste land

The tutu boutique blog has become a lonely place. I very rarely post anymore and I am not exactly sure what has changed. The business is booming, I marvel at the traffic that flows through there, close to 1,000 people a day are looking for tutus, who knew? not me. We have grown over 100% in the last year.
On the home front Merry has settled in very nicely at kindergarten, she really enjoys it. David is at pre-school three days a week. Thomas is home, helping Mom get Merry and David to where they need to be.
The bug business is experiencing a shortage of help that we are feverishly trying to fill. Interviewing souls, holding their future is not fun. I find it very stressful, first I need to hire the right people and second I do not like having to say no, especially when I can tell that they really want the job.
After taking the summer off from jogging I have started back up. I heard Jamie Foxx explain his work out routine as "old school calisthenics"jogging, push ups and sit ups. I am hoping for results. The jogging is a bit easier, I went for my annual check up and got some medicine for the jogging induced asthma, it is working great.

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