Monday, March 27, 2006

Three Dads and a Toddler

Before you bring a two year old skiing you should allow the kid to play with the skis and wear the boots for a few days prior. I brought David to the mountain without doing this and the skiing didn't happen. We got all prepared and out on the snow, clicked into the skis, slid ten feet and David decided that was enough. Which was OK with me, but I think if we had spent more time getting comfortable with the equipment at home there may have been more skiing at the hill.

When you don't give the toddler a chance to put the ski-boots on or take them off a few times, when you haven't provided the little superstar an opportunity to click into the bindings a few times. You are asking for it .

I asked for and I got it, but it really wasn't such a bad day. The three dads and a boy rendez-vued at my house, at sun up, for the trip to the Mountain. There is an electricity associated with the beginning of an adventure and we all felt it. Grampy got David some munchkins at Dunkin Donuts, we all had coffee and we were on the road.

Upon our arrival at the Mountain we unloaded our gear and headed to the Lodge. We picked an open corner and geared up. David did great!
Snow pants, Check. Mittens, Check. Hat, Check Ski Boots, Check

I got David out the front door, up to his skis, clicked him in, he slid ten feet and that was it for David's ski adventure. It was the beginning of a new adventure. This is when I realized I had forgotten one very important piece of equipment, The Sled!

My brother Fred and his wife recently returned from a trip to an Alpine landscape. They brought home with them these really cool sleds for the kids. Thin plastic, the shape of your butt, with a handle that comes up between your legs. A sort of flexible, plastic, shovel. Light weight and portable. Would have been perfect.

I reminded myself to focus on the moment and leave what is done, as done and went for a walk and exploration, Two year old style, at a ski resort. We investigated all kinds of things and had a terrific time.

Poppa and Grampy skied for an hour or two and then showed up for their shift. They reported five good runs in silky, spring crud. I stepped in and headed out. Skied one time across the hill, touching every lift, then I skied back and met up with David and the "boys".

We all went to lunch, only misplaced David once, and decided that maybe we would just head home. The impetus for this decision was David, he could no longer hold up his own head, the adventure was getting the best of him, he needed sleep. He slept the whole way home, once home, feeling rested he declared "I wov skiing Daddy"

He played with his boots and skis until bedtime.

Next time;

David skis.

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Anonymous freezio said...

Yeah, there's that break-in period for kids that age for anything new. Next time he'll be skiing all day, and he'll be better that you the time after that. I still say you should get him on a snow board though.

8:12 AM EST  

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