Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Morning Ramblings

I am either getting older or losing my mind. One of my favorite past times has become staring out the window watching the bird feeder. It doesn't really even matter if there are birds at it or not, I wait, watching patiently for the next bird to come by. I find myself standing at the kitchen sink, hands resting on the counter looking out the window. That bird feeder entertains me like Dora entertains Merry and David. I can stand there for an hour transfixed by the little lives fluttering to and fro.

This morning as I gazed out upon my little birdy McDonald's, I found myself thinking about a question I would have to field when I first became a parent: "Is it hard to be a dad?" When there was only one child I would respond "Not as hard as being a husband." After spending two hours alone with the mob yesterday I am no longer so sure. Being a dad is rapidly catching up on being a husband in the hard department.

Compromise, compromise, compromise, listen and do as you are told. Being a dad, becomes more like being a husband every day. With the children I still hold the power of "The Veto", but as with everything, relationships run smoother with compromise. Taking the other parties position into account, when making decisions that affects all parties involved, results in a better decision for all.

Don't get me wrong, I do not believe parenting to be a democratic process. I see our role as parents as benevolent totalitarians. We base our decisions not on a vote, but on what is best for our kingdom, taking into consideration the well being of our subjects.

Imagine wrestling with these questions now, how is it going to be in ten years, when Merry is fourteen? I shudder just thinking about it. She already has the ability to trip me up with logic. She has talked me out of arbitrary decisions in the past by explaining to me why it should go the other way. She is only four! I am in trouble, she is almost too cute to argue with. Why am I arguing with a four year old? Because she makes relevant points.Urgh! I don't want to argue with four year olds. I want them to tow the line and do as they are told without question. Problem is, that is not going to happen.

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Yes, we do have a four year that is very logical.

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