Friday, March 17, 2006

Me and Davey

It is official, Heidi, Merry and Thomas are heading south to visit Heidi's sister. That leaves David and I home alone for a week. Can you say Bachelor Pad!

This scenario does present a few logistical problems that I have not yet had to deal with in my short life as a dad. First and foremost is wrangling up some help watching the little cutie while I am at work. My sister has not been approached directly, yet, however I have begun to circulate rumors to the effect that I will be dropping him off at her door every morning around 6:50am or so.

My sister has a son Davids age, if you go here, he is the boy with the tutu on his head. She also has two daughters, one older and one younger. Whats one more? She probably won't even notice David is there.

I hope to split the time up some. Maybe my Mom can watch him a day and probably Grampy will get a day. Switch it up, you know, to keep the kid on his toes.

After work, that's when we will bond as father and son. We will watch all the Thomas the Tank Engine we want. We will watch Bob the Builder until the sun comes up. We will not sit through one episode of Angelina Ballerina I can promise you that.

We will wrestle, yell, screech and maybe, after Mommy calls into say goodnight and we know the coast is clear, we might even, Jump on the Bed! That's right I said it we are going to party like we are two and a half!

Juice Boxes and Cupcakes for everyone!

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Blogger Mary P. said...

LOL Sounds like you boys will have a terrific time together!

I'm also so impressed that you're sorting out the childcare for your week as a solo parent. Do you know how many dads would just assume that mom would do that prior to leaving? Good on ya.

5:51 PM EST  
Blogger Kailani said...

Sounds like the boys are planning on having a wild time! Great pics of the boys with tutus! Talk about blackmail pictures!

BTW, did you know that you won the drawing a couple of weeks ago? Let me know if you still want it.

8:14 PM EDT  

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