Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How Do They Know?

It seems as though there is some sort of mysterious link between me settling down on the cusp of sleep and my children waking up and feeling sick.

There were no naps at our house yesterday. This makes for a rough afternoon and an easy bedtime. Once you actually get the over tired little monkey's into their beds they fall asleep quickly. The kids were sleeping soundly by 7:30 last night, Heidi and I went to bed too. We watched television until around 10:00 o'clock and then rolled over to sleep.

Ten minutes later the coughing starts in Merry's room, then crying, then I get the elbow to go and check on her. A hug, a tuck and then...Vomit! all over her bed. Thomas takes this commotion as a sign to start coughing and crying as well. Somehow David stays asleep, last night David was my favorite.

Thomas has been showing the signs of illness for three or four days, mostly snots and coughs. Merry's sickness came out of nowhere, she seemed fine when she went to bed, then BOOM, what a mess. She was tough, we changed her bed and her pajamas and she made it into the bathroom for the follow up performances, of which there were three. Thank goodness she made it because I am not sure whether or not we had more sheets.

After the initial blow out Heidi took responsibility for Merry and I rocked Thomas. It was kind of nice and inconvenient at the same time. He would settle down quickly, fall asleep, and as soon as I put him in his crib he would start again. I waited him out and by 11:30 or midnight the adventure was over.

I had a 7:00 am meeting this morning and have not received any updates on how today is progressing, I hope all is well and will call soon. The question remains, How do they know we are just about asleep? It never fails, as soon as Heidi and I settle down that is when the fireworks begin. Merry had two and a half hours to get sick, but waited until the moment before we fell asleep. This is Thomas's modus operandi, you know if it is going to be a tough night within fifteen minutes of turning out the light, if you make it, smooth sailing, if not, not

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