Monday, March 27, 2006

Stay at Home Dad

David and I have spent the last four days together and it was wonderful. I am back at bug central and I am missing him. I never missed him like this when the rest of the family was around. Hanging with the two year old has been GREAT!

My key to parenting, wear the little bugger out. Between going to the park, skiing and yard work, we were so busy there wasn't any time for complaining. Naps went off without a hitch and the little darling was actually looking forward to bedtime.

The first best thing about staying home with my oldest son is the morning. Waking up to a little boy calling "Daddy I'm awake" beats the alarm clock by a long shot. Having the chance to spend some time playing in bed before starting the day is priceless.

The second best part is the opportunity to answer the question "Why, Daddy?" This little fella had to ask me this question maybe twenty-five or thirty times each day. Coming up with interesting, colorful responses was challenging. My motto has always been if I don't know the answer I will be happy to make one up. I made up a lot of answers over the last four days.

I can only imagine the problems of dealing with three kids, its easy when there is only one and you don't have anywhere to be. Basically I just pointed him in a direction and followed behind. Its amazing how long it takes a two year old to cover five hundred feet, but if you aren't in a rush it doesn't matter.

I have more thoughts and will be publishing them soon, stay tuned. If you have a little girl why don't you head over to The Tutu Boutique and buy a Tutu.

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