Monday, March 20, 2006

Naked Dance

Last night at Poppa and Grandma's house, Poppa made a comment that got me thinking. Poppa and Grandma are my parents. The entire family shows up there on most Sundays for Sunday dinner. It is really great, the entire family gets together outside of work and just hangs out. Marybeth(Grandma) cooks up something delicious and the kids play.

Towards the end of the evening each of the families start putting pajamas on their kids. Merry and David like to strut their stuff and do a couple of laps around the house naked. At some point Poppa remarks "get some clothes on that girl" this was a reasonable request that got me thinking.

At what age does running around naked become a problem? When does the kid begin to realize she is naked? When does modesty manifest itself? The loss of innocence happens when? I do not know the answer to these questions. I know it happens to almost everyone, I wonder what triggers it and why.

I don't want my little girl to be comfortable naked in a room full of people but I don't want her to grow up either. The care free easiness of the "naked, karate, ballerina dance" is something that I cherish. If you have older children that are no longer comfortable being naked, when did it happen and how?

I am nervous about the searches that end up on a post like this.

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Blogger Mary P. said...

I think that modesty, like so many other things, follows a developmental curve. Of course modesty is also forced by nervous parents!

With my girls, the development went something like this: (you'll see there's some overlap of the "stages")

-totally comfortable naked in front of anyone, anywhere, anytime; (till about age 2 and a bit)
-comfortable in front of family and friends; (till end of age three)
-comfortable in front of family;(4 - 6)
-just female family;(5 - 7)
-just mum;(6 - 11)
followed by "Agh! Mummy! KNOCK before you come into my room!!!" (eleven or twelve). (I did knock, BTW. She just didn't hear me.)

Now, I do go into change rooms with her, and she's fine with that. Only last week I was, at her request, helping her with bras - but I'm careful where, when, and how I look! LOL

2:29 PM EST  
Anonymous freezio said...

Not there yet buddy bird. My boy will end up with gradually less clothing throughout most evenings, until he is suddenly naked (and grinning when we ask him where the hell all his clothes are). I'm thinking the same thing as you are about the appropriate age for starting to seriously moderate this behavior, but for now, it's refreshing to be in the presence of such pure innocence.

11:41 AM EST  

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