Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Being a Mom

I can't imagine being a Mom. To have those little lives being so dependant. To manage the little beauties and keep them moving in the same direction. To me it seems almost impossible.

My patience are tried just putting them to bed, and I only have to deal with two. If they were only little robots that obeyed every command.

"Stand still!"
"Stop teasing your brother!"
"Stop hitting your sister!"
"Don't touch that!"
"Stop grabbing!"
"Eat your vegetables."
"Put on your coat."

These reasonable commands, illicit all sorts of responses. I have to constantly remind Merry that I am not asking her a question. When I say "Time for B.E.D" I don't want to hear "In a minute Daddy, first I need to..." I want to hear "Yes Daddy"

Mom has to handle these responses all day long. It must be very trying. The patience to explain every decision during the day to a team made up of one very bright little girl and her tenacious little brother, Mom must feel, not only ganged up on, but exhausted.

Mom, I really appreciate the work you do. I may not be able to relate, I can not walk in your shoes, I do sympathize with your situation and promise to be there, to help when I can.

Hold the Fort I will be Home before Five.

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Blogger Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You have no idea...

It is nice that you sort of get what your wife goes through. That is why they gave us all those mothering hormones.

5:22 PM EST  

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