Monday, February 27, 2006

Weekend Update

I don't have a plan here, just some random thoughts pertaining to this weekend. I skied on Friday with Heidi's dad, Merry's knight in shining armour, Grampy. I love this guy, he is the best father-in-law a kid could ask for. Not only did he think of me when his brother asked him to go, he paid. We had a blast, these new fangled shaped skies are the best invention. Grampy was flying, carving turns like he was 21 back on the ski patrol in Garmisch Patenkirken.

We made the trip with Grampy's brother Uncle Doug and his two sons. The highlight of the day was Grampy's collision with the blind skier. Beautiful! He was also rear ended twice by out of control whipper snappers. Three collisions in one day, it has to be a record. Luckily no one was hurt.

Saturday, we hosted a dinner party. What fun, to sit around with a group of adults and simply converse. The kids played great, Merry only told on David ten or fifteen times. The night flew by, I guess a couple of bottles of wine will do that to a night. It was snowing, the fire was roaring, all was right with the world.

Sunday, Grampy shows up as usual around 8:00 am with coffee and donuts. Merry will not allow him to leave without her. Merry is off for the day with Grampy. Merry likes spending time with Grampy, in her own words, "Grampy lets me be naughty".

Mom and the boys, we headed out around ten, turns out nothing is open Sunday morning until noon. Probably should have gone to Church, but the prospect of David in Church scared me. So we drove around for a while. I wanted to look at ski equipment, Heidi needs boots, I do too, those stores weren't open. We ended up a Trader Joe's, a yuppee grocery store. We have enough frozen food in our freezer to last a month of T.F.S.

Then we went to Babies R' Us and got Merry a booster seat for the car. David fell asleep in the car on the way home, so I did not stop at the Ski store, Heidi insisted we stop at the furniture factory, this resulted in David waking up, once up, the prospect of falling back to sleep is zero, this is not good. We did see a very nice bed, that I think Heidi will buy.

Home by 2 pm with quiet time ahead. David finally settled down to finish his nap around 4, sitting on my lap, snoozing away. Priceless. It was great spending time with David. Well, we still had to retrieve Merry, so we ordered some pizza and headed to Grampy's house. Some pizza and Merlot made for the end of a really nice weekend.



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