Saturday, February 18, 2006

Update on The Accident

We have had a tough week here at The Tutu Boutique's headquarters, The Old Blue House, Inc. We spent alot of energy on the desicion of whether or not Heidi was going to pack up and head south. I think she bought and returned the tickets twice. In the end her sister insisted that she remain here for now and come down and help when everyone gets out of the hospital.
My advise was, do what you feel you need to do. Good advise huh. What I really practiced this week was listening. Although I was very nervous about the prospect of being left at home with the toddlers and no mom, I did not let on that I was scared, I just listened and tried to be supportive.
Everyone in Atlanta is going to be fine. The baby is expected to make a full recovery, we received a photo here yesterday and although she is burned you can tell that things are going to be alright. The photo eased many of Heidi's fears. Last night Heidi put out an email to the extended circle of friends and the thoughts and prayers have been pouring in. Thank you all so much for taking the time, the energy you are expending is having results not only physically but emotionally as well. The journey this family has travelled over the last week has been hard and long, but today we are in a fare better place than we were last Monday and that is partly due to your prayers.
I need to acknowledge the grit and determination of a little girl named Addison, the photo we received shows a little girl, badly burned on her face and head, with a big giant smile, happy to be with her Dad, Mom, Sister and Nanna.
Thank you Mark, you saved my niece, your fast action in the face of confusion, pain and panic resulted in a horrible situation ending far less horrible than it could have. In Ipswich you are considered a Hero! We may even hold a parade in your honor. No we will hold a parade.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


We are so happy to hear that everyone is improving in Atlanta. Our prayers and thought are with you all. Your entries are great and make us laugh. Hope to see you guys soon.

Your friends,

Alex, Jess, & Stella Dallas, TX

10:07 AM EST  

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