Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost and almost forgotten

I had given this blog up for lost. Our website was destroyed and I thought that access to this blog had gone with it. I went back, looked into all of my old passwords and usernames and found the answer.
I feel relieved, I spent a lot of time on this blog and in recent weeks have been missing the outlet that it provides. I have recently been associated with a group of people that are urging me to do the work necessary to resurrect The Tutu Boutique.
Sitting here thinking about the resurrection is overwhelming. We were rolling along pulling close to 2,000 visitors a day and selling more tutus than we could keep up with when the company that hosted The Tutu Boutique disappeared. Our site was moved to a new company and it hasn't been the same since.
I know what needs to be done to start the ball rolling again, finding the time and the energy to make it happen without Heidi on board seems futile.
We shall see!

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Taking the Plunge

Peter and Heidi Wonson needed capitol to finance their future. With their third child due, an addition to their home scheduled to begin, and Peter's paycheck as their only source of income, they took the leap. They started a home-based business marketing tutus and dance wear for little girls on the Internet. Here is their story.

Spring, 2005 Peter Wonson is nervous, the next six months promise to be very exiting. In the near future, the plans that have been assembled and laid out over the winter will be executed. Here is the list, June 2 a major knee operation, early July the birth of his third child, and in August an addition on the house to accommodate their new arrival. The Wonson’s home had accumulated a lot of equity in the previous six years and the bank was more than happy to provide the young couple with a generous line of credit to finance the addition. What concerned both Peter and Heidi was how to pay the bank back after they spent the money.

In April, Peter responded to an email promising wealth beyond your dreams, what caught his attention was that Robert Allen and the person who authored Chicken Soup for The Soul sponsored the advertisement. This email promoted a system to buy and sell real estate for profit. Peter bought the course, read the materials and thought to himself that this was something he could do. At the end of the course they offered more information, “just call this number and we will put you on the path to riches”. Needless to say, Peter called the number. This series of events led to a conference call, on this call were Peter, Heidi, and a representative of Prosper Learning, an outfit based in Utah that coaches people on wealth building propositions.

This call went in a direction that Peter did not anticipate. He had prepared Heidi for a call about getting into the real estate business. During the call the Prosper agent brought up the idea of Internet marketing, this subject excited Heidi who was only luke warm to the real estate proposition. Heidi had a background in computers and the Internet and their future took a turn.

With an initial investment of close to eight thousand dollars and the promise that they would put in at least twenty hours week toward their new venture the Wonson’s began their journey. The eight thousand dollars purchased them ten tutorials with a coach, a web site designed to their specifications and hosting of that web site for one year. It also gave them access to the Prosper Learning web site where all sorts of information concerning starting and marketing an Internet business can be found.

Peter and Heidi followed the program, took the steps that their business coach outlined for them and are now the proud owners of http://www.tutuboutique.com/ the future of this venture is still unknown. It is producing enough income to pay back the loan from which it originated; will it generate enough to pay for the addition on the Wonson’s home? Will it generate enough money to fund college educations? To early to tell, the process did teach Heidi and Peter some valuable lessons. They learned to work together, to follow thru, and that they can determine their own future.

Peter and Heidi agonized over the decision to take the step into the unknown. There are opportunities out there in the world waiting to be discovered. To discover these opportunities there needs to be a leap, a leap of faith.

Peter Wonson graduated from Norwich University in 1992 with a B.A. in History. He is the General Manager of General Environmental Services, Inc. a full service Integrated Pest Management company his father founded in 1979. Peter serves as the Treasurer of the New England Pest Management Association. He and his wife Heidi live in Ipswich, Ma with their three children and two dogs. They are the owners of The Old Blue House, Inc. dba http://www.tutuboutique.com/

Monday, March 23, 2009

The sales call.

I picked Patrick up at 07:00, we headed south to meet with the proprietors of a discontinued merchandise retailer. They operate 89 stores through out New England and New York, their stores are dingy and busy. Prior to our meeting Patrick had paid a visit to one of their locations in our area, he found it to be derelict and infested with mice.

We were wearing shirts and ties and not exactly sure what we would find when we arrived. As we came around the bend in the road the building loomed up ahead. A giant structure surrounded by a chain link fence with security cameras posted all around the exterior. Unlike their retail locations it was evident that the building was new and well maintained.

The elderly man in the foyer paged our contact and I asked how long they had been in the building. He replied three or four years. In a very short period of time our contact arrived to escort us to his bosses office. He was a large man and when I say large I mean tall and heavy. He was clean, bearded, and wearing a Guinness t-shirt.

His boss was short and stocky, reminded me of a high school running back, but fifty years old. His movements and demeanor were precise and he was wearing a ring that caught my attention. We sat down and got started, it did not take long for the boss to take over. He asked what experience our company had servicing retail stores. He immediately took the tack that we did not have enough experience in his market and that we would not be able to help him.

Patrick and I were dumbfounded, we got up early, traveled close to two hours for the meeting and were being dismissed almost immediately. I looked at the man across the table and I asked him what his commitment to pest control was. He told me his commitment was very high. "No it isn't" I replied, we had been out to one of his locations and by the looks of it they had no commitment to pest control and that if he wanted to solve his mouse issues we could do it for him. If he wanted a company with more retail experience he should keep his business right where it is. The company he employs now is the second largest in the world and they have all kinds of experience in the retail market.

Turns out this was the response he was looking for and we are going to get to work solving their rodent problems.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cramer and Stewart

Jim Cramer unedited video 1
Jim Cramer unedited video 2
A friend sent me these links and stated "I just watched Cramer go on the Daily Show and basically just grab his ankles. Check the link on my wall when you have some time - it's destined to be a classic."
I do not think that Cramer bent over and grabbed his ankle's. I think he stood up straight and put his b@lls on the table. He took heat that isn't his to take. It was a very gutsy performance. In the clips I have been hearing on the radio I thought that Stewart ambushed him. After watching it I feel it was well thought out and that Cramer knew what was coming. He has been talking about reform at the SEC for years, I have heard him. He is not a reporter, Cramer is a gambler, who wins. Why is he sitting there taking Jon Stewarts crap? He has millions and millions of dollars. He is there because he wants to help and I appreciate that. It is harder to say your sorry than to throw stones. Especially when you do not really have anything to be sorry about.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday Meredith. Seven years old. WOW!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What to think.

I am no more comfortable with the state of our Union today than I was yesterday. President Obama is an orator of the highest order, while listening to him it is easy to be swept along in the current of his words and the emotions of his message.

I like that as a Nation we are attempting to do something and I find it difficult to criticize with out offering another solution. I do not have a solution, I do have concerns, when the person directly responsible for increasing the size of government looks me in the eye and tells me he is against big government, it makes me uneasy. When the person responsible for increasing the budget substantially tells me he is going to halve the budget, I get uneasy.

I fear that without decreasing the size of the bureaucracy, and the fines, fees, and taxes associated with it, we are not going to arrive anywhere good. The new President is not decreasing the size of the bureaucracy, he is expanding it and that makes me feel uneasy.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Child Rearing

Raising children is difficult, and depending on the child, can be very frustrating. I do not have a strong grip on what motivates my son David. I do not know why he makes the decisions that he makes. At five years old he as had consequence explained to him and he has demonstrated an understanding of this concept. When the time comes to make a decision the lesson can be lost on the boy, his desires become paramount and anything standing in the way of achieving them is in jeopardy.

Today David misbehaved, he demonstrated a complete lack of respect to his teachers and classmates. This is not the first time he has done so and I have no confidence that it will not happen again. The professionals at his pre-school say things like "he needs structure". I believe he has structure, we all sit down for dinner every night, we go to bed at the same time every night, we brush our teeth and say our prayers, we eat our breakfast every morning and are reprimanded with a" time out" when we misbehave.

The other two children are not prone to the same behaviors as David and sometimes I worry that there might be something wrong.

Most importantly, I do not like it, his behavior is a poor reflection and I need to understand how to help him behave better.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 Million Jobs

I watched the President last night, he is a dynamic and informative person. I appreciate the way that he answers questions with solutions and explanations of his solutions. President Obama lets you know where he stands and why he has chosen to stand there.

President Obama wants the current economic stimulus package to generate 4 million jobs. He wants there to be sustainable growth in emerging industries and he is open to ideas that achieve these goals.

I do not trust Congress to spend 800 billion dollars prudently. Listening to the press conference last night I got the feeling that they lost the first half, 400 billion dollars of the bank bailout and are going to "try" not to lose the next 350 billion dollars. It does not seem possible that our Nation can continue to spend and remain solvent. Remain solvent? We are not and will not be for a very long time.

If our plan is to spend 800 billion dollars, why not give it back to the people and let us lose it. How many tax paying citizens of The United States are there? Google says 130,000,000. I do not have a calculator that can handle this many zero's but when I work it out the old algebra way I think it comes out to around 6 million 150 thousand dollars per tax payer. If we could cap inflation and pump this money into the productive sector of our society do you think that would help? Or open an entirely different can of worms? I am not sure.

800 billion dollars is an exorbitant sum to fund 4 million jobs. That 800 billion dollars could make a significant difference in 130 million lives tomorrow. I am afraid of Government and do not want it involved in the day to day business of its citizens. Our Government grants us privileges and its job is to protect those privileges. The Constitution refers to these privileges as "Rights". When it starts impeding these privileges and running the financial system the end is near.

Things are spinning out of control and I fear that there is not a politician who can stop it. Hang on life is going to get interesting.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

One Trillion Dollars

Obama has put a 1 Trillion dollar economic stimulus package out there and it is getting killed! Conservative talk show host and legislators across the nation are ripping it to shreds.
What's a President to do?
I say reach out to the GOP and ask them for their plan. What steps do they feel the Nation should take to climb out of this mess?
Until the agendas of both sides are put on the table it is impossible to work towards a consensus.
This strategy would put the GOP on the hot seat, instead of criticizing they would be put in a position to create.
I say divide the $ trillion up between the tax paying citizens of the United States of America. that would stimulate my economy.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Tutu Boutique

Yesterday our site and emails went down. Things seem to be back up and running. The contact information for people with questions is heidi at tutuboutique dot com. if you need to call 978-335-8675.

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