Thursday, May 18, 2006

David Has Got It.

David has figured it out. The end of last week I reported that David was potty training, this week I am reporting that he has it figured out. The young man is way ahead of schedule and I must tell you it is nice. Poops in the toilet are awesome compared to poops in the pants.

Meredith did not consider using the potty until she was three or so. David will not be three until October. Is David smarter than Merry? Absolutely not! I don't think potty training has anything to do with brains, comfort level and in David's case, peer pressure is where it is at. He was jealous that Merry used the potty and he didn't, simple as that.

I think Heidi puts more work into the potty training than I am aware of. It seems to me that we simply keep the children aware of the toilet and what it is used for. When they get curious we sit them on it.

Merry really didn't show any interest, until she realized that the deal had to be done before she got to school. When she heard this she started paying attention and making an effort. We gave her a marble each time she successfully did her business in the potty. I think it was a nice gesture but had nothing to do with her finally getting it. She realized it was easier to use the toilet than it was to walk around with waste in her pants.

David's motivation was to be like his big sister, he caught on quick and Heidi and I are happy for it.


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