Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The painting continued over the weekend and I am making good progress. Oil based primer is evil, I hate the stuff but it does look nice. On Saturday I was working solo in the morning, Heidi and Merry had some appointments and I was left in charge of David. It is hard to keep tabs on a two year old from the top of a twenty-four foot extension ladder.

Hard for you mortals, I on the other hand used the same technique I use at the beach. I gave the kid something to do that kept him occupied. When we go to the beach I spend the first fifteen minutes there digging a hole as big as a bath tub. I dig the hole near the high tide line and it fills with water the kids stick to it like glue, or oil based primer. No following them around from one blanket to another, the hole attracts kids, all kinds of them and their tag along parents end up stopping by. Some stay awhile some keep on moving, me I sit in my chair, read a book, go for a swim or play in the hole.

Looking down on David from my perch atop the ladder I realized I needed some sort of diversion to hold his attention. David wanted to paint of course, this was not an option due to the mess he would make without direct supervision. I was not in a position to supervise, so I got a cardboard box, a shovel and set him to work shoveling dirt into the box. God bless him he stayed at it for an hour or so. Then my dad showed up to help me paint and then Merry and Mom returned and I was off the hook, but still on the ladder.

I should be done with the clapboards in two more weeks, then I get to tackle the trim.


Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I've only tried to paint a small bathroom with a 5 month old. Boy are you tackling one big job. Kudos to you!

5:37 PM EDT  

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