Thursday, May 04, 2006


Laughing is good for you they say. I believe them, who ever they are. Sometimes Merry, David, Heidi and I laugh and laugh. This is when I am happiest, when one of us finds something to be funny, usually an inappropriate noise or gesture and we begin to laugh,

Most times it starts out slow and grows. Merry may slip a funny word into one of our favorite songs. "Marry had a little "hotdog" " and she will begin to giggle. Then I will start to giggle. Seeing me giggle will escalate Merry's laughter, which will bring me up a notch. Now the two of us are really laughing, who can resist a good laugh? Not David, he will drop what ever he is doing and come over and join us in our guffaw.

Now the entire family is belly laughing and by this point we don't even know why. I know why, it is because we love it and it is good for us.


Blogger judypatooote said...

Laughing with someone, and being around a fun person that likes to laugh is so much better than being a grumpy person, or being around a grumpy person, who never smiles....and I think laughter is contagous........Nice POst..

6:59 PM EDT  

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