Monday, May 15, 2006

Rain, Rain, Mother's Day

Holy Buckets of Rain. My little corner of the world has not seen the sun since last Tuesday. Six days of clouds, and 13 inches of rain. If it were 31 degrees that would equal 13 feet of snow, unbelievable. Heidi's Dad's basement was finished, carpets, clothes, furniture, now it is a flood zone. My parents basement is full of water, not much to ruin down there. I guess Mom and Dad worked like dogs until we, the cavalry, arrived around three o'clock on Sunday. My brother-in-law went and got a pump and the flood was brought under control.

This weekend was Mother's Weekend Off, not Mother's Day. Heidi slept in Saturday morning, woke up and headed into Boston with a few other Mom's early in the afternoon. Mom got home early Sunday morning and slept late. I got a real good taste of single parenting. WOW, wrangling the three children does not leave anything in the tank, no wonder Heidi looks forward to the weekends and a little help.

All of the talk about putting a salary on Motherhood is absurd. The compensation due to raise three kids, everything you got. That's the price we pay, it takes every ounce of energy, uses every resource. There is no equitable amount of money that can compensate for it. The only compensation that counts is love. It is the only reason a person can suffer through it, the arguments, whining and misbehaving. Parenting, Mothering is done for love, the love you have for your children. This love is not immediate but grows with time and testing. Each of the children are different and provide their own challenges and rewards, and believe me after four or five days of rain the challenges are great.

Clouds and rain make me crazy, one rainy day here or there I can live with. We are going on a week without seeing the sun. It is not good for my constitution, all this rain. Here in the North East we spend all winter inside, we got a nice little taste of good weather the end of last week and then this. I need to get outside and get some sun, soon.

Heidi told me that it doesn't matter what the weather is, she is taking the kids out today. They won't melt and the thought of another day trapped inside is too much to bear. Maybe if they jump in puddles for an hour or two there will be a little less energy inside the walls of our Old Blue House.


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