Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Over Tired

What do you do with a little boy who is so tired he literally can't function?

David's rhythm is being challenged. My sisters family wakes up early, plays hard all day, and goes to bed early. David wakes up at 7:00 or 7:30 has a nap around 12:30 and goes to bed at 7:30 or 8:00. Yesterday, I had David out of his bed at 6:00 we picked up Grampy, and headed to my sisters. I walked in the door before seven and the entire family was sitting around the dining room table doing arts and crafts. David was psyched and had no problem saying goodbye.

We picked up Grampy so that I could drop him at the airport, he was headed South to see his girls. After dropping Grampy off I headed to the office for another action packed day of bug talk. Spring is in the air and the bugs are waking up. If anybody out there has any questions about pest issues, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email.

I pulled up to my sister's house around 5:00 pm to find David and his cousin sitting on the couch staring at the TV, mouths open, like zombies. In front of me were two boys who were so tired they could no longer function. I picked David up and carried him out to my truck, while attempting to get him into his car seat there was a flash of life, he arched his back and started yelling. Once the safety belt snapped he bowed his head in defeat and was asleep before I got the car into drive.

I left him sleeping in the driveway for a half hour or so, then I decided it was time to bring him in and feed him supper and get him ready for bed. David did not want to come in, he did not want to eat supper and he did not want to get ready for bed. What David wanted was sleep. Tough luck David, no sleep now.

Pay attention, here is how you handle an over tired little boy. I set him up in the big chair with a blanket and turned on the TV. The little buzzard is still sobbing but does not have the energy to get up and move. I leave him there go into the kitchen and get him some milk and fruit, he is still sobbing. My next move was the answer, I picked him up and hugged him. I patted his back for a couple of minutes and eventually he began to settle down. Then I sat down in the chair with him on my lap, put the covers on us and I started to eat the fruit. The next thing you know all the fruit was gone and he was drinking his milk. He asked me to get up and get him some more fruit. I did, and then I started supper.

He ate the fruit and some peanut butter crackers and seemed to be getting his legs back when it was time to sit down at the dinner table. Things were rolling along very smoothly, when the phone rang. David hearing the phone looks up from his plate of Mac & Cheese and asks with a gleam in his eye, "Is that Mommy on the phone?"

"No, its Nanny" hearing this, David breaks down again, lies down on the bench and begins to weep. With no one home but us men I let him lie there. He must of got bored, because in no time at all, he sat up, ate some supper and asked to be excused. David climbed into my chair and asked me to turn on the TV, I obliged and he enjoyed a half hour of Dragon Tales.

At the end of Dragon Tales I went in to talk to him and inform him that it was time to go up and get ready for bed. He had a bath, brushed his teeth and was asleep in his bed before I finished saying his prayers.

He woke up this morning with a huge grin on his face ready for another exciting day with his cousins. When I dropped him off this morning he gave me a big hug and a "Goodbye Daddy"

I can't wait to see his disposition today, will he be as knocked out as yesterday? or will he adapt? We shall see.



Blogger Mary P. said...

I'd be hoping doesn't adapt, or I'd be having to wrangle him back to his normal routines (which, to be honest, sound healthier) in another week!

Poor little guy! Good thing he's having fun, otherwise.

9:44 AM EST  

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