Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Brother and Sister

Merry and David were getting along great last night. It is so much fun to be around them when they are getting along. Merry orders David around and he does what she says. They play all types of games, Merry usually ends up in some sort of dress up gown and makes David play an instrument so that she can put on a show. David either strums a guitar, which is missing most of its strings, or tickles the ivories of their mini, play, grand piano while Merry sings and pirouettes.

Another game they love to play is The Incredibles. They went to see The Incredibles on Ice a couple of weeks ago and ever since it has been a game they both really enjoy. Merry as Stretch Mom and David as Super Bob. I have not seen the movie or the ice show but I do know this, my kids love them. Merry and David are a crime fighting Duo to be reckoned with.

When they are not getting along, Look Out! When David decides he does not want to follow his older sisters direction. If David decides he wants, what ever it is, that Merry is currently playing with. When Merry wants, what ever it is, that David is currently playing with, things go very wrong. The gnashing of teeth, screaming and tattling to follow is of Biblical proportion.

Merry has been known to demand that her brother be "Sold to the Gypsies". Merry will insist that David receive a "Time Out". Merry will tell her Mother that "David needs to be put in his crib". What's odd is that David never tells on his sister, he handles it by hitting her, then she tells on him, and he gets the Time Out. Girls are smarter than boys.

Last night they got along great, when they do it is to be cherished. Everybody laughs, sings and dances. A little piece of heaven at home.

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Anonymous freezio said...

Merry want's her little bro given to the gypsies? That is too funny. Watching kids use thier imagination while they play (or try to get out of trouble) is one of the most entertaining things known to man. That's a fact.

By the way, I may be in the market for a tutu soon. Know where I could get one?

3:51 PM EST  

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