Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hissy Fits

My princess Merry had her fourth birthday last week. She is loosing the baby chubs and turning into a little girl. I am not sure but I think I have memories going back to four which is kinda of weird. Now she is going to remember, we are building memories, that carries responsibility.

Merry had her first all out maniacal Hissy fit on Sunday. Her Knight in Shining Armour(Grampy) dropped her off around 7:30 and she lost it. Screaming and for her Grampy to come back and take her away. The gasping for breath is what gets me. I remember crying like that, but I don't remember why. How do you handle a little person that is so upset they don't know what to do? I don't know the answer.

I tried the assertive "Stop Crying, he is not coming back." I tried "Get over here and put your pajamas on" Those didn't work, I had more success holding her and rubbing her back and keeping my mouth shut. Eventually she seemed to settle down so I tried to get her dressed for bed. Nope, that was not the right move, the started right back up. Standing at the front door screaming for her Grampy, I sat and watched. Out of ideas, I headed upstairs to put her brother to bed, leaving her begging for her Grampy's return.

Somehow my wonderful wife handled it, the moment Merry's head hit her pillow she fell asleep.

Yesterday, on my way home from work, Mom called, Merry was at it again. Losing her mind over the fact that she was brought into a store and second that her Mom would not buy her the ring that she wanted. It was reported to me that the ride home was quite a trip. Merry figured out how to undo her seat belt and would not keep it on. Heidi had to pull over five or six times, wrestle her into her seat and strap her back down. Once and finally home Merry persisted with the fit, screaming and that she wanted the ring. Heidi informed me I was not to step in the house without a bottle of wine.

When I got home the children were quietly watching PBS Sprout and Mom was working on The Tutu Boutique. I sat down next to Merry and we talked. Merry informed me that she won't have any more temper tantrums and that she was sorry. We shall see.



Blogger Daddy D said...

We just about to hit the 1st b-day....the 4th, I've decided it will never happen...I won't let baby will always stay a baby....tell me I'm right!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

9:40 AM EST  
Anonymous freezio said...

The Voice started the unbuckling of the seat belt thing, I want to say before he was two. In any case, way before he was old enough for a rational, reasonable discussion about the pros and cons. When His Mother and I reach the end of our ropes with the tantrums, and other misbehavior we've found that what we call 'germanic parenting tips' work great. For example: If you keep on chasing the cat, we're going to get a tiger and he's going to chase you. Or, it's ok if you cry, but still, the monsters might hear you and that is how they can tell who to eat. You'll be amazed how fast they snap out of it (No mommy! I don't want a tiger!)

10:28 AM EST  

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