Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How's Merry?

Has anyone heard from the big sister in the family? It feels as though her brothers are getting all of the press around here. The reason is, Merry is perfect, rarely does she incur the ire of her parents.

She has the skill and grace to con her brothers into doing the bad things, this skill allows Merry to reap the rewards, while the boys suffer the consequences. How long will it take the boys to figure out they are being played? They probably never will figure it out. Lord knows girls are still getting the best of me. As for being upset at her for manipulating her brothers, not a chance, that is a skill I want to nurture not retard. Mom may not have a similar opinion.

Meredith is slowly getting a handle on her letters, between pre-school and Mom there has been tremendous progress since the over reaction of a couple posts ago.
Dance school continues to be her favorite, last week she made the front page of The Salem Evening News and today is her mid year recital. I wish I could find the photo online and share it, I know it is out there I just can't find a digital copy.

Meredith's grip on the throne of The Old Blue House is strong. She has all of her subjects under her thumb behaving as she wishes. We, her loyal subjects are lucky to have such a well behaved and benevolent ruler.

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Blogger Charlie Blockhead said...

She is too cute. Sounds like you got a smart girl on your hands.

6:50 PM EST  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

That's right, Merry, let them know who runs things! Smart girl!

3:49 PM EST  

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