Thursday, January 11, 2007

R says Rrrr

I would like to thank the three of you who de-lurked, I know you guy's though. I was hoping three or four specific lurkers would come out of the wood work. They have been by but neglected my offer. A couple of them have been by 50 or 60 times and never said hello.

Wendy, here is your Cosmo the shaker is full and in the freezer, there should be enough for two more when you are ready.

Croutonboy, we got Sam Adams Light, Boston Ale and Bud Light, what do like? I go for the Sam Lights myself, I got you one. Those are in the fridge.

Anonymous, I will go down in the basement, get it and dust it off. Be careful with that though.

My next order of business is a question. How do I slow down the growth of my four year old? Merry, will be five in March. I was helping her put on her socks the other day and I was surprised by the size of my little peanuts feet. Somehow the little pudge of a baby with cheeks strangers could not help but pinch is turning into a long and lean little girl.

This morning at breakfast she explained to me all about elephants and their behaviors. We were discussing getting a baby one as a pet and I mentioned that the animal may have a hard time going from room to room because our doors are to narrow and Merry looked at me like I was crazy.

"Daddy, elephants need to be outside so that they can take dust baths, dust baths keep them cool and keep the bugs away."

David added that we could keep him in the yard, "Our yard is very dusty". Thank you David.

All this from a girl who can not remember what an R looks like for more than five minutes. This is an entirely different topic that Heidi and I have been wondering about. She can remember why an elephant needs a dust bath but she can not remember what an R looks like.

It is not for a lack of trying, her face crinkles up her brow furroughs and she looks up and says she does not remember. Being a member of the computer generation she runs to the fridge, finds an R puts it into the Leap Frog alphabet singer and proclaims, "It's an R, R says Rrrrr, R says Rrrr every letter makes a sound and R says Rrrr" accompanied by a little dance with a pirouette at the end.

Her ability to find the answer makes me proud, her inability to remember what an R is makes me a little anxious. Heidi has lots of similar stories, the details of which I do not remember, but after hearing them I am left wondering about dyslexia. Probably nothing to it, but I still wonder and there is a tinge of concern.

Here is another opportunity for you lurkers to come in and say hello. Help a brother out with a word of advice about pre-schoolers and their letters.

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Blogger Arwen said...

Since your name is Peter I would suggest teaching her how to write all the names in the family. That is a subject specific goal. Noodle, named after a queen and a boat, has a long name with only one repeated letter, her dad has 4 letters but 3 are repeats of her name. I have 5, 3 of which are unique. Out of all her letters, she does the ones in our names the best (she is one year older than yours). Once she learns how to write your names she can write you little notes, which most kids love to give and get. Mostly she writes Noodle loves Arwen, Noodle loves mommy, Noodle loves Hubby, Noodle loves Dada (who knew she was an art critic), Noodle loves Bibi (the cat).

10:40 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well hello. This is Mama Bear. I delurked. I don't have as much to read blogs due to baby girl, who's 11 months, but I've been stopping in to lurk from time to time. I think I found you at... Mary P maybe? I can't recall. I also bought from the tutu boutique twice, latest was the brown polka dot one for my daugther's 1st bday in Feb.

My only advice is, don't create problems that don't exist. Sit back and enjoy your daugther as she is. If she has dyslexia, it will come out in school and there is plenty of help to help her learn her way. Plenty of successful people with dyslexia out there. But it's too early to say. Gotta go!

3:06 PM EST  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Four is a bit young to worry about knowing the sounds of letters. Yes, she should know the letter names, but phonics will come over the next two years. If she can pick out the R from all the other letters when asked, she's doing great. Is it that she can't write it? Then have her finger trace over a cut out of it in different textures, like sandpaper, felt, velvet, satin, etc.

7:07 PM EST  

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