Tuesday, January 23, 2007

David aka Wrongside

David has been exercising different expressions of control and manipulation. These exercises never end the way David hopes. They also make life very uncomfortable for Mom, his sister and his little brother.

His favorite game is the "I do not want too!" game. If you try to force the issue you get a temper tantrum. Now that he has achieved a level of comfort with the teachers at pre-school they get to play as well.

When Heidi walks into the class to pick him up she carries with her a bit of uneasiness. She wonders if David tormented his teachers the way he torments her. Most days he is good, some, he is not.

Yesterday after dropping Merry off at pre-school Heidi brought Thomas and David to the birth to three center. The birth to three center is a place to play, David and Thomas have a great time playing there, there are other kids and toys, what is not to like?

Yesterday, David decided that he did not want to go. Heidi left him in the foyer of the building while Thomas had fun. David did not fold until nearly 45 minutes into the stay when he decided playing may be better than sitting in the hall.

Heidi and David's teachers have developed a plan of action to break David of his manipulative ways. If David decides he is not going to go along with the program, David is going to lose a right or privilege that David likes. Heidi brought this idea home last night and so far it is working.

Last night I asked Merry and David whose turn it was to go to school today. Merry answered Davids and David immediately announced that he did not want to go to school. Heidi, hearing this exchange jumped in with these words for young David. "You will go to school and you will behave yourself. Your teachers will report to me whether you behaved or not and if they tell me you did not behave you will not see your skis for five days." This got Davids attention "OK, OK I will go to school and I will be good Mommy". We shall see.

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Anonymous Wendy said...

Dude, I am so feeling your pain right now..it took me 25 minutes to get my child into his car seat as I stood in the parking lot of BJs and waited out a 3-year-old's stubborn streak - it is ridiculous..

1:40 PM EST  

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