Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Almost Talking

Thomas is close, he is starting to string a few words together at a time. In the beginning Mommy was the word for everything. Mommy is still the anchor of his vocabulary, but he is starting to surround Mommy with commands. My favorite is "Come Heah" the little bugger has a Boston accent just like his Dad.

There is something very special about an eighteen month old pushing in your keyboard, grabbing your hand and insisting that you "come heah, Mommy". Even if it is to see his "bah"(ball) for the thirty seventh time.

He now recognizes me as "Dah
" which is a big step concerning he referred to me as Mommy for the last month or so. His vocabulary is strongest in the subject that is his favorite, food. Thomas loves "ahpple, millh, and cackah" . He is constantly standing in front of the fridge working on his speech, what today is "ah ah ahhh" will soon be "get me a hamburger please"

Please is a word that Thomas does not show the same interest in that his brother and sister did. Please was out front when Merry and David were working on language. Instead of please Thomas just raises the decibels.

He is so close to talking that his level of frustration in his lack of vocabulary is sky rocketing. The determination in his face to find the words is inspiring. He wants it so bad sometimes he resorts to hitting, which leads to a time out, which is another part of life he is beginning to understand. So much is going on in his little brain at this point in his development. It seems as though every day there is a different switch that gets turned on, a new mystery deciphered.

It is an exciting time in Thomas' life.

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Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

We parents are so lucky to observe all the wonderful things our kids learn. So much, everyday! It's just simply amazing!

Thomas, you're a cutie, and brave. Ian's 2 1/2, he won't go near his tricycle.

3:52 PM EST  

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