Friday, January 19, 2007

Ski Day

I went skiing yesterday and it was great. I love to ski and had a terrific time with auntie Shannon. Shannon is Heidi's best friend and Thomas's godmother. Shannon had a free ticket to Sunday River and asked me if I wanted to go. I answered "Hell Yes!"

When we arrived at the mountain the thermometer in my truck read 2 degrees. Undeterred we ventured forth. Shannon has all of the gear, she carries a bag packed with supplies for any circumstance. My ski gear is a "hodgepodge" of things I have accumulated over the years. While questioning Shannon about the meaning of "hodgepodge" it was determined that my ensemble resembled a pile of dirty laundry. Shannon remarked that it was a good thing that I knew how to ski because I certainly did not have the gear.

When I skied every day I had gear. I got that gear cheap because I was a ski racer and we had all kinds of ways around paying full price. We got deals on everything from goggles and sun glasses to skis and bindings. This was 15 years ago, holy shit, 15 years ago.

Anyway I started asking about the price of gear and Wow! is skiing expensive, at the end of the day we went into the shop and had a look around. Yikes! is about all I can say.

Shannon and her expensive gloves and ski socks got cold. Her hands and feet needed a break 2 hours into our day. This is not a problem for me, I love taking breaks and having hot chocolate. My hands in their $13.00 thinsulate, work gloves and my feet, in a pair of thin dress socks, stayed nice and warm all day.

Neither of our bodies got cold, her jacket cost in the vicinity of $300.00, my jacket cost $50.00 and that includes the Team GES bug logo. When I asked her what the difference was between our jackets I found out that hers has "pit zips" for when it gets warm and lots of pockets.

What is the reason I am pointing all of this out?


David is all set, he has skis boots and a helmet all passed down, now I have to outfit Merry. I am hoping to do this for under $200.00. Then next year Thomas who can move into David's stuff which means we have to hook David up. Then they become teenagers and need the "in" jacket, ski pants, goggles, poles, skis, boots. I am working myself up, take a deep breath Peter.

Head over to the Tutu Boutique and buy a Tutu, I need all the help I can get. If you want to look younger and feel better we have some stuff for you in that department as well.

Thank you Auntie Shannon for sharing the day with me. I had a great time and really appreciate the fact that you thought of me when you got your hands on that free pass. There is nothing better than spending the day, skiing with a friend, for free. Nothing!

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Blogger L. said...

Awww... lookit the baby skiiers! Too cute.

As for 'when they get to their teens'? Fear not!

I have a system with mine: there is a certain maximum I will pay for clothing - a maximum which, I know, will buy a perfectly serviceable item. Say, $30 for jeans, and $50 for shoes. If they want the $130 designer jeans or the $200 Michael Jordan shoes, they have to provide the difference.

Because, as a parent, I am obliged to feed and clothe my children, but I am not obliged to pander to their social dictates. That's their problem. And, funnily enough, when it has to come out of their own pocket, they become much more measured in what they "must" have!

Good life lesson.

7:22 AM EST  

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