Friday, January 26, 2007

New Look?

This blog is going to be 1 year old tomorrow. This is the 256th post since its inception. I am tired of looking at the Tutus and Ballet slippers. I am thinking of switching out of the sissy landscape and into something which more closely represents me.

The blog has been successful, it has gotten Googles attention and driven traffic to the store. When I started out our traffic came from Yahoo, only a small number of people found us through Google. Now our traffic is dominated by Google some days 79% of our visitors find us there. This is a good thing, there are many more people searching in Google than there are in Yahoo, I have the numbers to prove it.

Traffic here at this blog is far less than stellar. The number of visitors remains constant, constantly low. There is a group of regulars that webs and flows depending on who continues to blog and who drops out. This number hovers around ten, then there are always fifteen to twenty more who find it looking for tutus or stories about snots. Twenty or thirty people a day, that is it. I will never be a blog super star, sad words, I know. So if I am not blogging for the masses why not change the look and the feel to something that looks and feels more like me?

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Anonymous Wendy said...

I get bummed about it when I think about it (low comments, not a blog superstar, etc) but then I try to remember that I started this for help me write, keep me sane, etc..and finding people out there was just the bonus..happy (almost) blogversary!

2:08 PM EST  
Blogger Steve said...

I, of all people, will support a new look.

do I have to do it? :)

7:43 PM EST  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

I remember when you got the "new" banner. Have fun creating a new look. I want to change my blogs look too, just never can find the time.

10:03 AM EST  
Anonymous MaryP said...

Happy Anniversary! What? Tutus are not "you"?

9:05 AM EST  

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