Monday, August 28, 2006


Well the vacation is over, Auntie Jen, Ayden and Addison went home to Atlanta Sunday morning. We miss them already!
Heidi took a ton of pictures to document their stay, I picked a few to share.

You can not come and visit in the summer with out spending time at the beach.
Nanna, Merry and Ayden, I do not know where.
Merry, David and Ayden at the same place.
Thomas, David and Addison on the way home from their mystery trip, looks like they had fun.
The end of a long day of play.
See what I mean about Chaos!

Thomas and Addey out for a walk.


Anonymous Kailani said...

OMG! Chaos is right! Who had to clean up that mess?

3:56 PM EDT  
Anonymous Emily said...

Great shots. Oh, the chaos. I love the one with the kids sleeping in the car. How cute is that?

4:58 PM EDT  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Love the pictures! Nothing says success as kids passed out in the car.

12:21 AM EDT  
Blogger Mary P. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dining room shot! Two kids right up on the craft-bedecked table, cushions everywhere. That is a kid heaven you've made there!

9:09 AM EDT  

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