Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blogger Dash

I find myself with nothing thoughtful or insightful to write, but I am drawn to the Blogger Dashboard. What is it that compels me to post when there is nothing to post? Really doesn't matter because here I am typing away with nothing to say.

Last night was the beginning of Grampy's family reunion weekend. We went to a terrific party at Uncle Dougie's. We danced and ate and played until way past everyone's bedtime, including mine. I got some video of Thomas, Merry and their cousin Ayden dancing up a storm. If Heidi gets it downloaded I will post it this afternoon.

Part of Heidi's families reunion weekend is me taking a day off tomorrow, playing some golf and relaxing. I have really decompressed after last weeks "I Don't Like People" post. The break is coming at just the right time, I was not sure how much more I could take and then it got better.

The previous sentence reminds my of a story that happened yesterday
and connects to my past on The Hill.


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