Thursday, August 24, 2006

Polka Dot Tutu

Here I am, back at the Blogger Dash, why? There is some exciting news, if you are into Polka Dotted Tutus, and to be honest, I am not. What interests me, is people buying Polka Dot Tutus, and to facilitate that I am announcing the creation of a new page at The Tutu Boutique. The Polka Dot Tutu Page! Tah Dah!

In my wildest dreams I never envisioned myself in this position, I am excited about being here, I just never saw it coming. If you had told me a year and a half ago that I would be promoting Tutus on my web log I would not have known what you were talking about.

I had a vague sense of what a tutu was, because my daughter had a bunch of spinning dresses that Heidi referred to as tutus. A web log, huh? Now look at me, posting all types of information on my blog, selling tutus all over the US, and getting to "know" of all sorts of blogging personalities. Today is blog appreciation day and these links will send you to my favorites. If you read my blog and I did not include you on my list, it means that you lurk and I am not aware of your presence. Say hello and I will be more than happy to link up.

Life is Good; now go check out our Polka Dot Tutus.


Anonymous CroutonBoy said...

Thanks for the props, dude. I shudder to think that Cheeky may someday wear a tutu, but if she must I'll make sure we buy them from you. ;-)

5:07 PM EDT  
Anonymous MIM said...

Dude, your site just gets more and more (cough, cough) manly lookin'.

I checked out some of those tutus. Do you make them in my size? I want to feel like a princess.

Oh, and thanks for the linkage!!

6:32 PM EDT  
Blogger Mary P. said...

Do you ship to Canada? I'm thinking with a couple of little girls (FINALLY) coming on board, it's time to perk up the fripperies in the dress-up box!

7:58 PM EDT  
Anonymous Kailani said...

Thanks for the link!

Those polka dot tutus are adorable. My daughter started ballet classes a couple of weeks ago but they won't let them wear tutus, only leotards and tights! I may have to change schools!

11:07 PM EDT  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Thanks for the linky-love, P....happy blogger appreciation day!

11:38 PM EDT  
Anonymous freezio said...

Sounds like your expectations have been exceeded then. Good for you.

As far as actual tutus go, I'm pretty sure I don't want to feel like a princess even if you do make them in my size. Also, though there is The New Baby to consider, Emily is actually in charge of all girley fashion related decisions around here. I'm sure you understand.

It's good to have you out there, Peter.

12:10 AM EDT  
Blogger Code Yellow Mom said...

Oh! My wedding colors were chocolate and pink - I would have done ANYTHING to have a chocolate and pink spinning dress for a flower girl to wear...(Bet you never thought you'd be chatting about wedding colors with some random mom via web log, either, huh?) These are going to sell like mad. Really.

9:54 AM EDT  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

I know someday I will get a tutu for my little Laurel, but right now I think Ian is the one who actually wants one. The Teletubbies keep dancing around in a tutu, and the boy is hooked!

6:08 PM EDT  

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