Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stir it up

I am having quite a bit of difficulty sorting through the thoughts in my head. The reason for this difficulty is that there are so few. I am in survivor mode, handling the packs of children wandering around my house, negotiating the Moms different attitudes and irritables has proved to be a challenge.

Things are going to be stirred up, and that is a good thing. Mark gets into town tonight and Jen is ready. Jen is doing a terrific job with her two girls and Heidi, their Mom and I have been doing our best to help but it is not the same without Dad around. Dad gets here tonight, that should be a relief.

Nanna, their mom leaves tomorrow morning, she has been a great help and I am going to miss her. The dynamic is going to shift at The Old Blue House and personally I am happy for it. People say they don't know how we handle three, we handle three just fine. Five is ridiculous, just being around all five of them at the same time wears me out. My Aunt and Uncle had ten, I guess its different if they are all your own. They can be indoctrinated to your systems from birth but I am not sure, seems like a lot to handle.

Part of the tension we feel, the adults, is connected to the mess. It never ends, the mess is like the tide, it can not be denied. We have all worked very hard at keeping it at bay, you turn your head and it is back up to your ankles. I want to shout at the top of my lungs ''STOP HAVING FUN AND PICK THIS MESS UP"!

The children are having a great time, the messes do get picked up and I just need to keep my sense of humor.


Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Laughter is definitely a cure all. I need to remember humor more in the day to day grind of picking up mess after mess after mess.

3:24 PM EDT  
Anonymous Kailani said...

I've given up on the mess a long time ago. I used to constantly pick things up only to find them all over the place again. But then again, I only have 2 kids. I can't imagine 5 running around the house! Good luck!

5:43 PM EDT  
Blogger Rich | Championable said...

We're having a couple of boys for a sleepover tomorrow... I need to follow your advice myself.

"It never ends, the mess is like the tide, it can not be denied."

- sounds like some solid song lyrics.


8:42 PM EDT  

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