Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Time Off? and Jackson

I feel much better today, there is something to "getting it off your chest" that really is true. I probably just need a little time away from the office, the bug battery is running a little low and needs to be recharged. Summer is the busy season, as you can imagine, so it is tough to get any time away.

Heidi and I are going to Bermuda the end of September, we will be celebrating 10 years of marriage.
So I got that going for me. Holy Crap, I am getting old. Nanna is going to stay at The Old Blue House and watch the kids, just Heidi and I, that hasn't happened in four and a half years.

Of course the departure will not be that easy, Heidi asked me yesterday what my plan for Jackson is, I told her I figured he would stay at the house with the rest of the family. "No he is too much work, my mom can't watch the three children, Maxwell and Jackson". Maxwell is healthy and strong, Jackson is blind and crazy, he also has some separation anxiety when I am not around. I see her point, but what am I going to do with him? He really isn't that much work, let him out in the morning, let him in at night and feed him. If he is acting crazy, let him.

The "put the dog down" talk has started up again, the thing is he is doing great. He has a routine, he plays with Maxwell and he is putting on weight. The children make him a little uneasy because he can't see them coming. The craziness in the house doesn't allow him to lie down and get comfortable. Outside he is fine, he lounges around, listens for and barks at walkers, wrestles with Maxwell and naps. It is a dogs life.

Jackson was in very bad shape the last time I mentioned him, since then he has stabalized and improved. He gets around the house under his own power, I used to have to carry him. He eats without coersion, I would have to stand over him and insist. He no longer gets lost in the house, he has landmarks and established paths he uses to get where he has to go.

I have put together a plan, what we are going to do is leave the dog home with Nanna and the kids. If he turns into a mental patient and won't eat or come in the house there will be a backup plan. Grampy and MayMay are suckers for sad animals. Grampy has a heart as big as, insert cliche, he will be able to help. I think that it is important for the dog to remain at home simply because he knows his way around and is familiar with the people there. Boarding him someplace or sending him to someones house doesn't feel right to me. He needs stabillity to avoid a set back.


Blogger Steve said...

Our dogs are 14 & 11 and I totally understand. We've never boarded them and just taught 20-somethings to stay at our house and learn their routines.

That now includes accidents, vomiting, carrying the older one (a dauschund) upstairs and administering meds.

It sucks when they get old. I'm in total agony over the fact that one day I might have to make that decision. I know I can do it for the dog's sake, but it will kill me.

11:12 AM EDT  
Blogger Rich | Championable said...

I can totally relate, amigo.

I've got two awesome pups now, but Carter was the freakin' BOMB.

Hope all goes for the best. Jackson is one of my favorite names, BTW.

11:41 AM EDT  

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