Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not Much Here Really

In the video below the house is eerily quiet. Merry, her cousins, Nanna and auntie Jen are at Grampy's House. David is in front of the t.v. watching Dragon Tales, he was spent after a day of hard play. Quiet, just Mom, Dad and Thomas moving, that little activity has been rare the last week or so and was enjoyed.

Watching the video I feel kind of bad for walking off on the little man, I was headed in to check on David. David was fine, I turned around and got right back to Thomas, I promise. I have to admit, getting home to a quiet house was nice. I feel recharged and ready for another round of chaos.

Today I am breaking out of the office early, I am going on a fishing trip out of Boston, with a bunch of bug men. Every year the New England Pest Management Association has an auction to fund scholarships. The auction is held in December and I forgot that I had bid on the trip. I got an email the beginning of the week reminding me and I am happy for it. Look out Stripers, in reality all I ever catch is a bit of a beer buzz.

Ahoy, me Matey's and Shiver me Timbers.


Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Have a great fishing trip! After all that relaxing, you'll definitely be ready for the kids and their adventures.

8:25 AM EDT  

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