Sunday, April 30, 2006

You Need a Tutu!

Saturday Morning
If you click on the images you can see Merry, David, Maxwell and Jackson. I am the guy in the tan pants. My father is in the shade over by the fence.

Sunday Morning, admiring Saturdays work.

At work on Sunday. I painted to the bottom of the window before I called it quits.

Please, Please, Please buy some tutus! I hate to beg, but this painting thing is tough. I need to move a lot of tutus so I can pay a pro. I got started painting early Saturday morning and put in a solid 9 hours. My Dad came over and helped for a couple of hours and I finished the entire front.

Here is the thing, I am using an oil based stain and painting with this stuff is like painting with Elmers glue. It is thick and does not go on easily. Heidi's Dad came over Friday night, checked the stain out and declared "You have to thin this stuff out."

I bought cheap paint brushes on the way home from work on Friday night and they failed the test. By the end of work Saturday night they were both junk. The weight and consistency of the stain turned them into mini , hand held mops. Kind of hard to paint in the corners with mini mops.

Saturday night we hosted a cocktail party that kicked ass. The party was in honor of our friends who are packing up and heading west, to the Seattle area. For the blogs sake, lets call them Sarah and Bill, they have a son, almost exactly Merry's age, we met them at birthing class. Sarah and Heidi became great friends and Sarah got Heidi involved in her play group. Anyway, Bill works for Groove, a company founded by the guy who invented Lotus Notes. I think Groove got bought by Microsoft and Bill is going to work there. We had six or seven couples here and I partied like a rock star. I hope the guests had as much fun as I did.

Sunday morning was payback for the sins of Saturday night. I haven't felt that lousy in a while. I got up and took the boys with me to go get Grampy's convertible out of storage. David, Thomas and I then hung out at Grampy's for a few hours. We opened the pool, drove the plastic kid Jeep and played with the garden train. It was a beautiful day and being outside helped to clear the cobwebs.

After lunch, Merry, David and I went to the neighborhood super, duper open twenty-four hours and Sunday hardware store. We needed some high quality, expensive paint brushes for the afternoons endeavor. Back on the ladder for three more hours. Did I mention that painting is tough. We need to sell some tutus so I can hire a painter.

Tonight we will eat some Thai take out and its back to the daily grind tomorrow. Will probably get to paint an hour or so every night if the weather is good. Should be done painting the house by August.


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